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Default Long Boot Times

Ive had my computer for a little more than 4 years now. I built it myself and have only had a few minor problems over the years, all software related. As of late though, my computer is taking forever to boot. When I turn on the computer it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours just to boot up. The problem is, the BIOS isn't loading. When I hit the power button, I the computer fans turn on, but nothing else seems to happen. Then at seemingly random times (again, ranging from 15 minutes to 12 hours) the BIOS fires up, and Windows loads in about 45 seconds. After windows is loaded, the computer runs with no problems. I can burn DVDs, play WoW... all of the things I normally do on my computer with no noticeable speed difference. Ive also noticed that restarting the computer does NOT cause boot problems. It only happens when I am trying to boot up from a cold start (ie. the computer has been turned off for a while). Ive taken to just leaving my computer on 24/7 but that is not going to fix the problem, it will only mask it.

I thought that maybe the Motherboard might be going out (hence the problem loading the BIOS) but am not really sure. Any ideas what could be causing the problem? Could it be the battery on the motherboard?

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Default Re: Long Boot Times

It could be any process in the POST. Which means you can't rule out any part of your hardware. It is most likely the motherboard itself as you said. Have you tried running MemTest and HardDrive Fitness Test to rules those components out?


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Default Re: Long Boot Times

I am going to run memtest to see if that is the problem... will post again afterwards...=)
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Default Re: Long Boot Times

ok... so i ran memtest overnight... it did 27 passes with no errors... so the memory is fine... also i dont think its the hard drives because i installed a brand new hard drive (that i keep as a back up for cases like this) and i had the same problem... so i put my old hard drives back in... and still same thing...

any other ideas?
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Default Re: Long Boot Times

Have you tried to reset your BIOS to default?
Is your date and time correct? If not you need a new bios battery.
Also try to unplug your drives data cables "all of them including CD/DVD and Floppy if you still have one" And then see how long it takes to get to your BIOS.
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Default Re: Long Boot Times

i have not tried reseting my BIOS... how would i do that?

also, a few days ago i noticed that the light on the DVDRW was staying on when i turned on the computer... so i disconnected the DVDRW to see if that was the problem... unfortunatly i still had the long boot time... next time i will try to disconnect the CDRW drive... and see if thats the problem...

I will check the time/date in the BIOS asap... and reply soon as i see...
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Default Re: Long Boot Times

If you have a multimeter, check your PSU voltages while booting and see if they're up to par.

I made a guide for this: HOW TO: Measuring PSU Rails

And here is how to reset CMOS:
How to Reset Your CMOS


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