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Default Keep getting BSOD. Bah.


I'm going to try and explain everything in order so it makes sense.

Okay so I will admit that sometime several days ago (Not sure what day) I did pirate a program, Photoshop CS6. I realized this after a bit and thought it should be mentioned in case that could have caused any of this. (Don't bother nagging about not to do that please, I just want help fixing my problem and this might be an irrelevant piece of information)

And... yesterday I believe, I went to turn on my laptop. I was rewarded with the screen not turning on, and my motherboard screaming at me. I knew this could mean something was wrong with the RAM, so I was worried. I shut it down and tried turning it on a few times. During this time I unplugged the power and tapped around at the bottom of the screen.

After a few tries, it started alright. I logged in, but within a few minutes it Blue Screened with error code 0x000000050, but I didn't get much else from it.
It worked just fine for the rest of the night, and I put it in the back of my mind.

Well, today it acted up again. I turned it on (saw the BIOS load up and everything) and turned away to watch my pets as I waited for it to load. Turned back to a black(Turned off black) and after watching it and it didn't load, I tried holding the power button to shut it off and back on but it didn't do anything. I had to remove the battery to turn it off.

Turned it on and did something similar (again as I took a moment to look away)
Third time I watched it all the way through, got logged in and got another Blue screen.
Rebooted and saw that as it booted a bluescreen flashed (too fast to read) and I got the turned off black screen again.

I decided to run a scan just in case, and downloaded Malwarebytes (I have AVG as a normal Antivirus.
During this time I was using Skype, and then I started playing a game to wait for the scan. (Minecraft) and it then Blue screened again.

After that I began searching more actively for solutions and still got BS'ed quite a bit. I have tried doing a System Recovery, didn't work. I ran a successful Malwarebytes scan and got a few threats, but just a few PUP's that didn't seem big and didn't help to remove, although before I could hit restart to finish removing them it BS'ed.
(PUP's were a toolbar and some bundle thing)

Most of the BS's were the Page Fault in Nonpaged Area (0x000000050) and there were a couple Driver IRQL Not Less or Equal (0x0000000D1)
At one point I did notice the latter mentioning MOUCLASS.SYS

And the BSs when it was booting I couldn't read because they flashed by.

The three Minidumps were the ones I could find.
Actually I don't know how to upload them to here, but I put them on my Mediafire.
(If you don't trust that then can someone tell me how to upload them to here?)

Sorry if I can be a bit long winded, just trying to be thorough. If I don't get any help tonight I'll just take it into work tomorrow. (I'm a tech intern, so I do somewhat know what I'm doing, but I am still learning. So my boss should be able to help, but he is busy and if this is something I can do myself that would be best.)

So is it the RAM? A virus? Something else?

I forgot to mention I did try running a memory test and it BS'ed partway through. I'm going to try one again.

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Default Re: Keep getting BSOD. Bah.

If you got a BSOD during a windows memtest, then go download Memtest86+ ISO from Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool and burn it to a CD. Boot off of it, and run it for a minimum of 4 hours (overnight is best).

If you get any errors, then some of your RAM is bad. Test each stick one at a time to find out which one is bad.

After that, run a chkdsk c: /f /r from command prompt. Do this from either Windows (if you can get to it) or from Recovery Console.

I would start out with trying those.

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Default Re: Keep getting BSOD. Bah.

Ran the memory test overnight, no errors. Ran disk check (Set to not fix any errors so it just ran with Windows going, came up with no errors but don't know if that makes any difference)

I do have a NVIDIA graphics card though wit dedicated memory. Is there a way to check that? Could that cause the screen to not work with the beeping? (It does have an Intel graphics card too though.) It did it again today after another Page Fault BS but screen worked at next restart.

In safe mode now because past two times it either BSed or froze after logging in. Going to clean install graphics drivers just to see what happens.

Was hanging out in Safe Mode after reinstalling NVidia graphics driver. All I had running was Google Chrome (maybe Java too) and I got the same Page Fault error.
But I wouldn't think Chrome could do it since it crashes just after logging in in normal mode? I'll reinstall chrome anyway though. For the most part the crashes seem random...
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