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nuuki 07-07-2013 01:31 PM

Issues getting DVI monitor running on new PC
I'm knee deep in the standard parental support duty.

The PC is based around a Haswell mainboard - Asus Z87-K. HE does a chunk of photography work and has a high res screen, and I figured the extra oomph in the 4600 couldn't hurt, allowing him not to need discrete graphics.

However I'm struggling. His monitor is a Hazro HZ27WC. This has only DVI, and when I hook it up, its not giving me a picture. However the power light goes solid and I'm seeing the backlight come on, so it does seem to be detecting a signal. If I then connect a standard monitor via analogue VGA, that comes up immediately and the power light on the Hazro starts flashing.

If I then go into the display config screen in W7, its showing both screens, but the options on the "Digital" display are all greyed out.

I tried swapping across the GPU from his old PC, but I'm having no luck there either.

I am sometimes seeing the W7 boot "progress bar" come up, but nothing more.

Now I know the Hazro lacks a scaler, so I'm not sure how well it plays at other resolutions outside native. However as I can't seem to change the settings in dual screen mode, I'm a bit stuck.

Its been a few years since I did serious PC Support, but I like to think I can work through most issues, but this one has me really stumped...

Anything obvious I'm doing wrong?

FuzzyHarpyBug 07-08-2013 08:10 PM

Re: Issues getting DVI monitor running on new PC
So, I see you get the Windows 7 progress bar occasionally, but do you see any of the BIOS startup before that? Also, have you played around with the adjustment controls on the monitor itself? Try booting the computer up with the VGA monitor first, after it is fully booted, disconnect the VGA monitor and connect the DVI, if it doesn't come up after 30 seconds or so, try the auto adjust function on the monitor.

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