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Default Intel util reports high cpu temp... intell says bios update slowed fan speeds

put this together a few months ago, never had a temp problem, but recently i get warnings for high cpu temp. I read up in intel's site, and find an article that says a recent bios update adjusted the fan settings, and the desktop utility may have to be adjusted to set the threshholds. I do so, setting the cpu limit to 65C like suggested and all was fine for awhile. Now i see it again, and when under load im running high 50's to low 60's, idle brings it down to mid to high 40's. I am using this machine for music editing and im not sure if im pushing it too hard, as im mixing tracks with quite a few vst plug ins and virtual instruments. with around a dozen tracks im geting 60 to 85% cpu usage, and may not be adequate computing power for what i really want to do.

Seems to me that months ago i recall the cpu fan winding up faster and quicker, thought i remembered intell desktop utility reporting at idle around 1500 rpm and up to 5500 rpm cpu fan under highest load at times. so i took the case cover off and ducted the cpu fan, tremendous reduction of fan speed. I never ever got a message saying it was running too hot. I still have the case cover off, with my cold air duct on it, and cpu fan runs at 980 rpm when idle, allowing 50+ C temps, and a sudden full load will slowly rise the fan speed to 2200 to 2500 rpm, and the temp rises really fast to high 50's to low 60s'. If i render a song, which puts a full load on the cpu for a time, ill get a temp limit over 64- 65 and fan never breaks 2500 rpm.
So now ive changed BIOS to turn off fan control, allowing full speed all the time. The fan runs at 2525 rpm.
Funny thing is i dont recall updating bois in between these changes. Only when i built it months ago.
Here is my system:

intell desktop board D915GAG
P4 3.2gig, HT, 800mgz bus 2048 kb L2 cache

1.5 gig DDR running in dual channel mode (GEIL matched set of 512's runs hot compared to Nanya set of 256's???)
pny geforce 550 graphics
m audio delta 1010lt audio
250G maxtor sata- Runs hot as well, i gotta be Ubuntu to get the specs tho, Ubuntu crashed
80G WD sata
HP lightscribe drive
card reader
heat sink is stock intel desktop board, NEW silver compound, redone twice and yes i know how...
Only 1 case fan, but ive had the side cover off the whole time
power supply is too small i think...
+12v swings from 11.45 to 11.625
+5v is 4.922
+3.3 is 3.317
CPU core is 1.224
CPU I/O is 1.484

win XP SP3 i use Reaper latest version to mix audio... seems to be lightest weight DAW out there...

im guessing your all gonna tell me to upgrade PS and CPU heatsink, but i guess my question is why the fan speed changes, and why is it only recently overheating, and is it just time to go multi core for my audio editing?

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Default Re: Intel util reports high cpu temp... intell says bios update slowed fan speeds

Originally Posted by Davidtams
NEW silver compound, redone twice and yes i know how
I'm not questioning your ability to apply paste, I'm just making sure your aware of a few things.

What brand of paste did you use? Arctic Silver 5 is a poor choice for todays modern cpu's. It is inferior to the paste that was originally applied by the manufacturer. I recommend using - Tuniq TX-2 Cooling Thermal Compound.

Using to much paste, especially Arctic Silver 5, can dramatically increase your temperatures. Use no more than what would equal a single grain of dried rice.

Your power supply isn't affecting your temps and while a better heat sink for the cpu would help, it's not required. If your "stock" heatsink and fan are clean then I can't help but think you've applied just a little to much paste.

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Default Re: Intel util reports high cpu temp... intell says bios update slowed fan speeds

it was arctic silver 5, thats what radio shack had, was their best choice of 3.
The board came with the processor and HS pre installed by a local company, then when i ran into the problems, i re applied it myself, and noticed no change in temps. I basically thinly covered the cpu, and like a squeegy i used a razor blade to spread it real thin, probably no thicker than a sheet of paper. and yes the fan and heatsink are dust free
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Default Re: Intel util reports high cpu temp... intell says bios update slowed fan speeds

As Slay said AS5 isn't the best anymore. I use MX-2 myself.
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alright, i may try that, but the question remains, why the slower cpu fan speed? In the intel article i read that it was a change in bios to enable lower speeds... for better accoustic performance and for optimal cpu temps... 64C was reached again tonight, as soon as i render a song. Haha i guess its my pessemistic way of thinking that Intel wants me to burn out my CPU so i can go out and buy a shiny new generation setup...

Desktop Boards — Thermal zone information
"Fan Control Behavior Changes after BIOS Updates
After updating to the latest BIOS version on certain Intel Desktop Boards, the CPU fan may not go to full speed operation until the processor reaches about 72C (162F) and all system fans go to full speed at 75C (167F). You may see temperature alerts in Intel Desktop Utilities.

Previously, certain processors' thermal values were not available to the BIOS so the BIOS was unable to perform the appropriate fan control (the fans ran at 100% constantly). With recent BIOS updates, the thermal values are available and the BIOS will run the appropriate fan control. This means the processor may reach temperatures of up to 75C (167F) before the fan will go to full speed. The fan control now allows processor temperatures to rise to optimal levels while the slower fan speeds improve acoustics.

Setting Temperature Thresholds in Intel Active Monitor or Intel Desktop Utilities
By default, the temperature thresholds in the hardware monitoring software are set as follows:
Intel Active Monitor

Intel Desktop Utilities (ver. and earlier)

Intel Desktop Utilities (ver. and later)



Zone 1, Zone 2, or Motherboard Zone



So can anyone confirm the stock fan RPM on one of these boards, or a typical reading that i should get?
I swear that mine used to wind up several thousand RPM faster than what it does now. Maybe the fan is slowing from age???
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