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bmxfreakrider 07-11-2007 09:27 PM

IMB ram problems
great. The all so godlike, industrial style IBM Netvista. 2.1ghz Intel Celeron, 30gb silent hdd, overall great pc, untill you look at the ram. I have countless sticks of 168pin sd-ram, 64, 128, 256, 512, even a 1gb stick. but heres the deal: no matter what ram I try in this freaking pc, I have only gotten 2 sticks to work, one a 64, and one a 128, both pc-133. all other like 40+ sticks of ram dont work. for some reason, I guess it doesnt like PC100, and PC166 ram (thats two of the 512's, and the 1gb, or 66 mhz crap. any way, like maybe some how do a volt-mod or something on this ram? sdram is wayyyy to expensive, i mean 65bux for 512mb? lol, i can get a 512 of ddr2 for about 20. plus im selling the pc for 50, as i was going to throw it away, becasue i thought i had no ram for it.

so am I stuck with 192mb, or....can I get some pc-100 to work in it?

model number is:

IBM NetVista 2292 CBU

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