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Cajete 11-12-2006 02:56 AM

I'm having trouble formating sata drive.
Ok here's the deal. I'm running an Intel D975XBX mobo. On the mobo there's a video card, ATI Radeon X 1600 Pro Crossfire. My Acer LCD is connect to the video card with the DVI cable. MY 320GB Sata drive isn't formatted. When I load up the computer I get an error message that says...

"PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.
PXE-M0F- Exciting Intel Boot Agent
No bootable device -- Insert boot disk and press any key."

I tried a couple of things.

1. When I boot from CD: I can hear the CD/DVD drive working. The green light on it turns on. But my LCD goes blank and it just stays like this.

2. When I boot from Floppy I put in booth of my RAID Drivers disks to see if maybe these are what they need to boot up and it said It cannot detect a boot disk... To enter a boot disk and press any key which return me to the first error messages I wrote above.


I don't understand what the problem here seems to be. I have two disks a RAID Driver (Intel Matrix Storage Technology, BLACK SATA CONNECTORS) and a blue disk RAID Driver (Silicon Image SATA Controller, Blue SATA CONNECTORS)

All my cables are connect properly, I've check a million times... Everything is connected good... Any Ideas? The boot angent I'm using is Intel PXE-2.1.


schusterjo 11-12-2006 09:50 AM

Okay first go here download it make a floppy. put it in the floppy it will boot. when you get to killdisk screen top left select your hard drive. press f10 and type in erase-all-data in the box. it will format. next you will need to download this
And put onto a floppy.
Go into the bios and select cd as first boot.
Put Xp into cd rom and turn computer on.
very beginning of the install you will see press f6 for raid install
keep pushing f6 at that time (press it a few times)
It will continue a little then come to a screen that says install raid or something like that.
select the I have disk and have the floppy you made in the floppy drive. it will install the driver and boom the install will continue and thats it.

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