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Default I think my hard-drive is messed up! Need an experts help ASAP.

-- If you are going to help me please read through all of the below --
Okay I'm really stressed out about this now. Here's whats going on:
So I was recording a video on Fraps and I used a disk partition called E: because it had 100gb free whereas the drive that I usually put my fraps videos on has about 50gb free. So I did my recording and it came to around 85gb. Meaning there's now 15gb left in E: drive. After the recording I decided to play it back... Behold, the video was corrupt! So then I tried deleting it and it wouldn't delete, explorer.exe had crashed, so I restarted my PC (hard restart) and it took a very very long time to start up, when it had started (after the windows logo screen) (btw Windows 7 professional) the monitor screen was black with my cursor in the middle, I could open task manager. So one it all started up I went to My Computer and found this: http://i.imgur.com/AcgZVOD.jpg
You will notice that E: drive does not have any usage or anything showing up, trying to enter E: would just cause explorer.exe to stop working, running an anti-virus on that drive doesn't work. Doing a chkdsk would crash after it found a bad cluster at file 5035 even though it was at 5030 in the 4th out of 5 steps, it was like that for a good hour so I closed the chkdsk. I opened Disk management and found this: http://i.imgur.com/a9jMDXC.png
You will notice all the partitions that are part of the hard-drive are healthy but at risk.
I've tried copying files from the other partitions to my 1tb hard-drive and the transfer speed is like 100kb/s
Removing this hard-drive makes my computer run fine.
The hard-drive in question is a WD5000AAKS 500gb.

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Default Re: I think my hard-drive is messed up! Need an experts help ASAP.

What flags did you run with chkdsk when you ran it?

Also, you shouldn't ever just force quit chkdsk...that can cause issues as well.

As for your Disk management screen:

A dynamic volume's status is Healthy (At Risk).
Cause: Indicates that the dynamic volume is currently accessible, but I/O errors have been detected on the underlying dynamic disk. If an I/O error is detected on any part of a dynamic disk, all volumes on the disk display the Healthy (At Risk) status and a warning icon appears on the volume.
When the volume status is Healthy (At Risk), an underlying disk's status is usually Online (Errors).
Solution: Return the underlying disk to the Online status. Once the disk is returned to Online status, the volume should return to the Healthy status. If the Healthy (At Risk) status persists, the disk might be failing. Back up the data and replace the disk as soon as possible. For instructions describing how to bring the disk back online, see Reactivate a missing or offline dynamic disk.
For more information about volume status descriptions, see Volume status descriptions.

May be a good idea to check the SMART status of the drive, with something like HDTune (free version is fine).

Is there important data on that drive that you want to keep/need to back up? Do you have another drive to back up any important data to? If so, copy over all you can...if the file transfer is too slow in Windows...may be a good idea to boot off of a Linux LiveCD (or Live USB) - such as Ubuntu or Mint - and copy over the files through Linux. I've had good luck recovering files off of sketchy HDD's when Windows just freezes up around the drive (just did it last weekend actually with my HDD that has all of my music stored on it).

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Default Re: I think my hard-drive is messed up! Need an experts help ASAP.

Can you access other partitions on that drive? is it just E: that crashes?

Can you access E: from CMD? might be worth grabbing the file(s) from there.

check to see if SMART found issues, run CMD (in admin) > "wmic" > "diskdrive list brief" (this will shows drive names) > "diskdrive list status"

If you get an error on the drive, then it means SMART has detected the drive itself failing.
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