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Old 11-14-2007, 06:41 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default hope u guys can help

Hello everyone,i have a problem that i am hoping your expertise may be able to help with.About a year ago i bought a xps 710 from dell.When i received it and started it up i noticed some strange banding around the light source in the top left corner of the windows welcome screen .It is almost impossible to describe to people so im including an image if you click it you can see the problem much better.

When im gaming the textures are all blotchy smoke is chunky .Now we have been able to rule out the vid card because i tried another of the same cards and was still there .Its not the drivers for the card either as it is more prevelent with no drivers installed and like i said it came to me like this so its not a virus or anything if anyone anywhere has ever seen anything like this before id really appreciate a hand thank-you very much for your time

XPS 710
core2extreme x6800 2.93x2
nvidea 7950 gx2
225 gb hdd
2 gb ram 667 mhz
creative x-fi

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Default Re: hope u guys can help

is it just on the window's loading screen? or does it show up all the time?

A notice to EVERYONE who has posted here with a computer problem, I highly encourage you to keep current with the forums, even if it's browsing for 10-15 minutes during lunch, or before you go to bed at night. There are many things that you can learn and apply to future issues. My goal is to help people get to a point where they can use their own knowledge to help themselves, and others.

Also please use the search button. You've got a 50/50 chance that someone's asked your question and we've answered it.
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Default Re: hope u guys can help

Yes its there all the time it just seems to take different forms ...some times its straight thin lines but when i notice it most is when im gaming like i said it makes smoke blocky and solid colors seem to be like swiss cheese with blotches im going to take some screen shots and put them in here so maybe you can see what i mean its hard to describe easier to see, thanks for responding ill put up some more pics here soon .
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Default Re: hope u guys can help

It's your resolution. Change it to something else and see if it's still like that. My lappy has the same problem when I set it to 1024x768 which is my preference. But go to the max or the old 800x600 and the picture is perfect.
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Default Re: hope u guys can help

Sorry but its not the resolution the pic i showed you is 800x600 with no driver installed i run at 1600x1200 wich is the monitors native resolution and its still there o well it was worth a shot guys thanks anyways ..peace
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Default Re: hope u guys can help

Maybe i'm not understanding you right, but it sounds like you said you prefer not to have drivers installed for your video card? I would suggest updating the drivers on the video card that came with your machine, whether it be integrated or a seperate card. I've included a link at the bottom of this post that directs you to Dells website to download your video driver.

Click here
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Default Re: hope u guys can help

Sorry if i didnt make it clear i do not prefer to run with no drivers installed .I was trying different drivers for cod 4 the banding is there with drivers and without drivers it is harder to see with driver installed and screen resolution at 1600x1200 the reason i showed this picture is simply to see if anyone recognized this and what they did to fix it.The worst is when i play games it is like i said very blotchy and ,clouds ,smoke look very chunky.. on solid items like walls it looks like swiss cheese with swirling bands of green, red thanks...peace

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