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Default high-end system in the making - still getting video lag & hot gfx card,

any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
i'll get back asap with any updates.

First off - Personal home built PC specs

OS - Win 7
Motherboard - Asus m4a79xtd evo
CPU - AMD dual core 3.2Ghrz
Case - NZCT Blackline
PCU - TX-650W
Graphics Card - Power Color gfx card - HD-4650
RAM - G-Skill ram - 10 gigs total - 1333 DDR3,

OS running off 500gig 3gbps
ummm I don't think im missing anything else?


Ok, haven't done a whole lot of gaming just yet,
I plan on upgrading my Graphics card soon to something hefty b4 i do,
but with everything else I feel like my system should be handling
things a bit better. The only game I'm playing now is the sims 3.

I have just about every game to-date installed
-other the outdoor living stuff.

up until I put this card in about a few weeks ago my
system - cpu - hdd - would never get above 38C.

now when I play the sims - although the graphics look a lot better and
it runs more smoothly(?), my card burns up to 48c. the rest stays around
25-34 or something like that - bare in mind im reading these numbers
off of the monitor that comes attached to the NZXT blackline case.

Now, the sims 3 isn't a very high-end game, but it does have / hold
a lot of information - you know with all the items and expansions I have.
and I've been trying to top the game out. (do everything with 1 family)

On top of the heat increase - which I'm guessing to be due to
having a better card - is the longer I play the more lag I get.

graphics move still, water etc. characters, actions and game time freeze)

sometimes the game even crashes - only on loading screens.
this only just started happening - when I installed a large update
of items.

The card also seems to get hotter and hotter - topping at 48c -
that i've seen.

is this due to poor programming of the games part? or to much info?
I have heard some people complaining about similar problems
with high end gaming systems. But no one with 10 gigs of ram.
I feel like all that ram should comp out any overload of memory
the game might try to utilize, but maybe this leads back to my mobo?
or my cpu somehow? perhaps my hdd needs some kind of speed upgrade
to fight w/e the the sims is doing wrong.

or maybe my graphics card sucks?

any thoughts?


other notes -

my dxdiag says I have direct x 11
but the card says it only supports 10.1 ...problem?

I've tryed to turn down the graphics in the game to help the lag.
in fact, the graphics don't go down that much. it's impossible
for me to get the game to look as bad as it did b4 I got this new card.
perhaps thats just the driver settings I have set up?
or the fact thats it better. - stupid question but putting
the graphics on low didn't seem to do much -

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Default Re: high-end system in the making - still getting video lag & hot gfx card,

The temperatures that your case is posting don't really tell us anything. They are a way for you to recognize that something is wrong.

You should download and install HWMonitor.

HWMonitor will show us the Minimum/Maximum/Current temperature of your CPU/Motherboard/Video Card/Hard Drives if the components have the sensors.

After you have installed HWMonitor, start the program up and leave it running. Then you just need to play your game until it starts to lag, but before it crashes. When you exit the game you need to take a screenshot of the HWMonitor window and post it. Here's a guide to posting a screenshot if you need it.

Screenshot Tutorial

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thx, I'd love to get on that asap, but you know how it is, playing a game and waiting
for it to crash. sux, good program to have though. I'll check it out.

haha, thx for the screen shot tutorial.
don't need it, thought it was gonna be a link to another website in association
with the program - kinda like hijack this - no office, just lol.
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getting hot,
however the heat dropped drastically when soon after I minimized the game. I managed to catch this screen shop, which is why the windows bar is still open since I didn't use alt/tab. Game wast lagging really bad, not as bad as I've had it anyway. haven't snagged a screen of it when it gets really bad. the heat seems to drop way down when I go to the desktop screen.

I just notice how the - max - heat lever also changes from screen shot to screen shot... thought the max was my gfx card's max running temp....maybe this isn't the case. kinda weird.
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Default Re: high-end system in the making - still getting video lag & hot gfx card,

Please don't double post, if you have something else to add to the conversation and no one has posted a reply since your last post (within a 24 hr. period), please use the edit button (looks like a pencil) to add it to your previous post.
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