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Default Help Urgent Problem!!! Need Immediate Help!!!

my processor is making these "chunk chunk chunk" sounds for a bit then stopping and doing it again

during the chunk chunk times the processor does nothing

the whole computer just stops

at first it was because of cooling so i gave the comp a rest till it was cool

now its cool just turned on

and still this problem!!!!!

HELP!!!! HELP!!!



btw sorry for no puncuation keyboard is messed up two

the following is comma period slash

<>? its like shift is being permenantley held< but i cant cap the letters without caps lock


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ok, im safe upstairs on another computer now.

btw, sorry for not including system specs:

Dell Dimension 4600 - all stock hardware, EXCEPT

Fortron 400W PSU
2gb Patriot Signature Ram (comes with heatsinks attatched)
Razer Diamondback Mouse
Logitech 5.1 speakers

otherthen that, its completely off the shelf.

now, heres a description of my problem.

when i turned the computer on, i noticed it took an AWFUL long time to start up. so i turned off my music and listened to the sounds of my computer.

i noticed, about every 15-20 seconds, it would stop processing and go "ca-chunk ca-chunk ca-chunk" like it would have a break, then a bit of processing, then a break, then a bit of processing.

i didnt know what was wrong, both of the fans were working (the one on the PSU and the one case fan included)

and for the last 3 days of having these upgrades i had NO problems of this sort, didnt even have to turn the computer off.

but anyways, i turned the computer off, felt the CPU heatsink (no fan... dont know why) and it was cool, not even warm.

i felt the RAM... and jesus! it was burnin. i took it outside (very cold, middle of winter in chicago) and cooled it off. once it was completely cool, i went and plugged it back in and started up again.

same problem.

other things i noticed:

couldnt determine sound source, though could be RAM, PSU, or HDD. also noticed HDD was slightly warm, enough to notice it.

computer just STOPS doing anything during these chunk chunk periods, and it happens often enough that it makes doing anythign near impossible.

also, once they start, keyboard also starts to glitch out.

i dont know what to do... all my programs, games, and upgrades are in that computer...

almost $500 in upgrades, also lots of games,music, other stuff...

hope i didnt fry anything... that would suck..

so, any ideas as to what is happening??

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somebody please respond... this is a big problem...

my computer is completely useless... adn the whole family needs to use it... everyone mad at me because i made the upgrades!!!

btw, what i THINK caused this was my sister playing "The Sims 2" which i would ASSUME is very labor intensive on the computer... i said she shouldnt play it... she did anyways... and directly after that when i turned the computer on after her session... this problem appeard

also, even if you dont know how to fix this... any idea on what it could be?

if i know where to look (hard drive, ram, cpu, psu), i could probably fix it myself...

right now i have the case on its side with cover off, so cooling SHOULDNT be an issue...

also, if i put a house fan (maybe 2.5 ft diameter) aimed down into the comp, and turn it on low, will that be bad for it?
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