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Default HD TV with PC?


I just purchased a $500 high-definition television. My plan is to use it for 360 gaming and (hopefully) PC use, which brings me to my question. Can I connect my computer's video card (nVidia GeForce 6600) S-video output to the S-video input on the television? If so, will there be a limit on the resolution/quality? If not, is there another way to connect my PC to the television and retain the high image quality?

Thanks very much for the help!

- Brian

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the resolution will be limited. i think the maximum s-video can carry is 800x600

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I would use the RCA RGB cords. Like above, S video can only support 800x600. I've tried this before and you can barely read any text because of the tv's design.
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your only limited in resolution because of your output, just get a graphics card with HDTV output support. tones of modern graphics cards have them.

EDIT: unless im mistaken and you can just use a S-video to RGB adapter? but that doesnt make sence becuase the source is still S-video, so the image quality i would assume would be the same.. but someone can correct me if im wrong.
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I have a Samsung 26" LCD TV with HD, and I plugged my Home Cinema system into it via a scart cable. My home cine system is very good quality (£300), but the picture quality was absolutely shocking!!

I've now purchased an RGB cable, and the quality is near perfect.

Just a thought, if your tv has had HD, then can you use it as a monitor, as I can with mine. Should have the VGA plug on the back if you can. If you got one, I'd use that, as that will produce a good picture!
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not all HDTV's have VGA. but that does remind me. you can get VGA-RGB adapters. i would try one of those
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wait vga is different from rgb???, in what way, they have the same plug
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ok, this one is easy, ive done this before. its simple, but its better to home build it, plus its cheaper. one thing you need to know is what formats your tv supports(1024/760 is common for a square tv, and 1280/960 is common for a widescreen. a helpful tool for making your video card put out these resolutions is called powerstrip. you can download it at download.com, and is a completely free full working version(im not kidding, ive used it for like 6 months and it still works) first make sure your what connectors your tv has(im lucky i have a tv with rgb with seperate h and v sync connectors that are all rca) what i did is got an old monitor from my back yard(currently was just another make shift dirtbike stand) and rip(well not rip) but take the back of the monitor off and take the cable out and try not to sever the cable(its a modified coax), it should just unplug from the inside of the monitor from the tube and from the main board and other stuff. now go down to radioshack or anywhere where they sell rca connectors (now remember from the back of the tv or read the manual and check to see if it is standard rgb with seperate sync connectors or if it is a combined sync connector, or if it is sync on green) and figure out how many connectors you need. when you have the cable and all of the connectors, get yourself a test light(it makes it alot easier) and get yourself a pin layout chart and another chart to tell you what each pin does. you can find these on google. and on a note for all of the connectors, the POSITIVE is the pin and NEGATIVE is the ring. with the pin layout, you will figure out what all of the pins do, and then take the test light and touch a pin and try all of the wires until you get the light to light up, and LABEL THE WIRE with the corrosponding pin number, or just label it as whatever it is(red green blue etc...)after you get all of the wires labeled, take the rca connectors and solder or whatever it is the wires to the connectors(+ IS IN THE MIDDLE) for all of the connectors. you might have to figure out multiple monitors so you can have powerstrip running in one monitor and have the tv hooked up to the other card, and experiment until it works
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Originally posted by vipercrazed
wait vga is different from rgb???, in what way, they have the same plug
VGA is that thing you plug into your monitor/video card.

RGB is the Red Yellow White, or Red Green Blue, wires that you normally use for televisions and video game consoles.

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RGB is only the Red Green and Blue connectors. its a type of signal not the actual connector. the connectors are RCA connectors and the Red White Yellow sets are commonly referred to as AV cables.

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