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Default hard drive issues

Here's what's happening.
Earlier this week, I was playing a game on my computer. While I was playing the whole PC froze, I could not ctrl-alt-delete or anything. So, I killed the power and let it rest overnight. I booted it up the next day and it said it could not detect a boot device, insert your boot CD. I power down and up and got the same message. So, I decide to take the side panel off, it is a clear side panel with a cooling fan attached to it. The only thing I did was take the panel off, I powered it up and it started fine.
It ran for a day or so with no problems. I have the PC set to turn off monitors, but not go into sleep or hibernate. I came home from work and bumped the mouse but the computer would not respond. All the lights were on and fans were running, but nothing happened. So I power down and boot up with no problems. I power it down, put the side panel back on, and boot up again. I was in windows less than 5 minutes and the screen goes black, then gives me the blue screen of death stop code. So, I kill power, boot back up and it says no boot device again. Again, I take the side panel off only and boot up and it works fine. While I had the computer on, and the side panel off with the fan still plugged in, I touched the fan with my finger and the hard drive started making noises.
So, I am thinking I have some kind of electrical issue with the fan on the side panel. Either it has started going bad and drawing too much current, giving my HD errors or maybe the wiring is FUBAR and causing problems. I am going to go home tonight, and completely remove the fan, and put the side panel back on and see what happens.
Does this sound like it could be the problem? I don't know enough about the electrical system to know if this would cause a problem. If so, do you think I have done any damage to my HD? Would this be sector errors that check disk could fix?
It just seemed very coincidental that removing the side panel made the PC boot. I built this system about 6 months ago, here are the specs.

DFI Micro ATX mobo
Celeron D 2.9 CPU
1 gig Ram, can't remember brand but no cheap stuff
Matrox Parhelia 256 dual head video card, AGP
Soundblaster Live 5.1 audio
500 or 550 w power supply
60 gig IDE hard drive, either Western Digital or Quantum Fireball, can't remeber.
Diablo Tek case with 4 case fans

Any suggestions? I'm kind of low on $$$ right now so I can't go out and buy that nice new SATA drive.

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sounds to be a heating issue. now touching the fan amd the hdd making noises, coincidence perhaps?

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So, you think my HD could be getting too hot? Strange that it would just start acting up now. What could I do to test this or correct it. Could I make a bracket to aim one of the cooling fans towards the HD?
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