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Default Re: Good PC which worked perfectly now lags a lot on startup...

Logitech is KNOWN for having issues with Windows 7. You have 2 Logitech items on startup. Both of which can easily cause this 3-4 minute pause from the time you load to the time you can do anything. Did you use them before? you never stated. Every process you have load up causes windows to take longer to load to the desktop and be able to use it. While you may think 12 items isnt much. That is almost triple what i have. Does that tell you something?

What could have changed? Drivers. Updates installed to patch things. The file system could be corrupted, the hard drive could have bad sectors. shall i go on? there is so much at work other than jsut a simple reinstall of the OS. Have you done a sfc /scannow check? Have you done a checkdsk /r /f check? None of which is stated?

I never said i was a Pro. Never in ANY of my comments any where on this site have i ever made a reference to myself in such a manner. Your RAM could be going faulty, your hard drive could be getting bad sectors, your video card could be going bad cause of a mishap with the fan replacement. How do we know these things? We dont. There is no way for us to test for them or account for such things, yet you want everything explained as if there is a answer. It is a PC. Things happen for no reason more times than not. We cant explain in great detail everything that happens to a PC without us being there using it.

We have no clue what you do on the machine daily. We have no idea how much you have install, have uninstalled, what sites you have gone to, what programs you are using, how long you have had the hardware and it goes on. All of these things are factors into what can possibly go wrong. We have no clue about any of it yet you want us to explain why you got more time for a startup issue? How can we possibly explain it?

I can give you reason after reason of what "could" have happened. I can sit here and give you reason after reason of what "should" happen. I can sit here and give you example after example of optimal conditions. That doesnt mean a darn thing. My PC will not act that way and yours will not act like mine. There is no reason for it.

Why can we have 2 identical machines right down to the power supply built by Dell and 1 will fail and BSoD constantly but yet the other wont? Everything is the same but one is problematic. there is no way to explain it. All we can do is suggest things to try. you have tried them. There is nothing more we can say as there is not going to be a answer that any person on this planet can give you. Only you have every little piece of data about the machine and only you know its quirks.

Am i ignorant cause i know and understand this much? Perhaps. but you can here looking for help and when we cant provide answers you get upset with us. I have given you so much information and answers already. Yet you seem to think that just because something that happened in the past should dictate how your PC works now is incorrect on every level. It doesnt matter what your system acted like 2 months ago. that is a lifetime in tech terms. Maybe a reinstall will fix it? I dont know. I cant answer that. There is no answer.

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Default Re: Good PC which worked perfectly now lags a lot on startup...

Hi again Mak,

I'll try to give the answers to the unstated things, even if you have no answers for me. I accept that you may no longer be able to help, so just ignore this post if you feel that I don't understand what you are saying or if you feel that you have said what needs to be said already.

Regarding the Logitech software. Yes, I had them before, when I had no issues. I guess I can try and see what happens if I startup my system with the Logitech stuff turned off?

I didn't perform an sfc check, but I did do a chkdsk, I believe I stated that earlier in this thread.

I ran memtest and I got 5 passes with no errors, so I don't think my RAM is going faulty. I don't know about my harddrive, but doesn't chkdsk check that? If so, then I have no problems because chkdsk seemed to suggest things were fine. I don't know about the GPU either, but as I said earlier, I changed my fan back to the older one I had when things were fine, so I doubt it has anything to do with that, yet you know a lot more than me so you can make a more clear judgement on that.

I don't do much on the machine daily. I play games, watch movies & tv shows, use common software such as WLM, Outlook, Microsoft Office for school, surf the net with google chrome, I don't browse unsafe websites. I haven't had viruses for a while. I've suffered a lot in the past from viruses so I believe I learned my lesson.

I've had this hardware since September 2008, so that makes 15 months, right?

I don't have many programs either. To name some would be WLM, Microsoft Office 2010 (beta), google chrome, football manager 2010, counter strike source, call of duty 4 modern warfare, the logitech software I spoke of earlier, iTunes, QuickTime, AnyDvd, Imgburn, Kaspersky 2010, CCleaner...I'm at school so I'm only going off the top of my head, there are more but not that many since I didn't have the chance to install everything yet since my last format and I might reformat if I cannot find another soluton, so I'm waiting to see how this plays out.

Perhaps I got upset, but I sincerely believe that I am open to any suggestions now and hopefully I can get a bit more help. If you don't think there's anything we can do anymore, just ignore this post.

But if so, I would be happy to know what I would need to download from the following things on the Asus website:

-Chipset Version
-SoundMax Audio Driver for win7 64bit (guessing this isn't needed?)
-Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Driver V11.10.5.3 for win7 64bit
-Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver V8.9.0.1023 for 64bit Windows 7.(WHQL) Intel(R) AHCI/RAID Driver Disk for 64bit Windows 7
-Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager V8.9.0.1023 for Windows 7 and Windows 64bit 7.(WHQL)

Tell me to do so, and I'll download whatever you tell me is needed from above. Tell me to do so, and I will startup my system without the logitech items, or without any of the items on the list. Tell me to do so, and I will run an sfc /scannow check.

If you feel I am still missing some of your points, ignore this post and give up on me, or tell me so I can try to get everything you want, but I hope I was able to answer the things you questioned, and made everything clear enough...


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