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Shinzen 11-24-2007 11:53 PM

GeForce 7 Series
Just wondering.. which one of the cards from the series 7 is the best bang for buck card =D? (Money:Performance ratio) planning to get my friend one for christmas.

ClayKann101 11-25-2007 12:51 AM

Re: GeForce 7 Series
probably the 7900gs they are like 110 bucks on

MetalOwns 11-25-2007 01:13 AM

Re: GeForce 7 Series
Yeah 7900GS is probably your best bet. I have one, and I have it OC'd to 694/980. That's a 39%/42% OC over stock. 7900GS's are known for their ability to be OC'd. They are relatively cheap to as was already stated.

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