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Default Gateway scsi drivers affecting nero....hmm...

This is a hardware & software issue about my gateway, weird startup items, and how they affect nero.

I haven't had a problem with nero or dvd shrink until I used AUTORUNS a couple times, first time I just removed what I knew I didn't need. This time I've unchecked some other things which all appearing to be related to SCSI devices....which of course my gateway does not have a SCSI hard drive, and now I get errors while burning.

Finding info on these startup items is very difficult, and no one can provide very clear info, and when I do find info it is IT guys talking about their servers......very weird these files are in my startup and I'm trying to figure out how they affect nero.......

I've unchecked for example:

cmdide.sys -cmd pci ide bus driver by cmd technologies
*I think this is this is what caused the nero error*
QLogic drivers in startup? Why?
ql1280.sys -miniport driver for qlogic isp pci adapters
ql12160.sys -miniport driver for qlogic isp pci adapters
ql1080.sys -miniport driver for qlogic isp pci adapters
LSI in startup why?
sym_hi.sys -symbios hi-perf scsi miniport driver
sym_u3.sys -symbios ultra3 miniport driver
symc810.sys -symbios logic inc scsi miniport driver
symc8xx.sys -symbios 8xx scsi miniport driver

dac2w2k.sys -mylex disk array controller driver - mylex corp
Mraid35x.sys - megaraid raid controller driver for windows whistler 32
*by american megatrends inc.*
sisagp.sys -not only is it odd that I have scsi drivers in startup, but SIS, who makes agp video cards for workstations was also in my gateway, my gateway is a home pc that shipped with a radeon X300. I deleted the sisagp.sys startup item.
ULTRA.sys -promise ultra66 miniport driver, promise tech inc
*this one also might be the culprit of my nero errors*


When you google these items, 99% of the time it is because someone is getting a .sys error and 99% of the time that is because the file is corrupted, mine are not corrupted, I just removed them from startup

Regarding nero, I had a dvd stop burning halfway through, which had worked perfect until now. Then the first time I ran nero check I got this error:

c:\progra~1\symantec\s32evt1.dll. An installable Virtual Device Driver failed Dll initialization. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."

I now have removed all symantec and norton entries in the registry I no longer get this error. I also see it noting a cmd error, which is why I put cmdide.sys at the top of the list as what I think caused my problem in nero.....I am going to re-enable it, reboot and try to burn a dvd and will report back.

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Before I reboot & try this again, I wanted to also note that my nero wasn't up to date and my firmware wasn't up to date, I have since updated but the old versions had never once given me a problem and I used my dvd burner just a few days prior....

APOLGIZE FOR THE LENGTH - I just want to be detailed & figure some things out, also everytime I google these items it is amazingly difficult to get info for them.

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just 2 update if anyone cares or has read this, I reformatted and none of the above startup items are still there, lol, why the heck did gateway install scsi drivers on my pc? why an agp workstation card drivers were in my startup on a home pc with pci-e radeon, I will never know! Why I get an erro with nero 6 somehow related to a symantec registry entry which was installed by gateway I will never know.

This was not a post to say "please I need help" but a post to further explain the crap manufacturers put on their systems.
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for the heck of it I decided to go to gateway chat and ask what these drivers were.

first they said they were windows system files, but I quickly told them they are workstation drivers.

then they said it was malware and tried to sell me norton.

then they said i don't have enough ram (i have a gig & tried to sell me ram)

gateway is in enough financial trouble their tech support is basically a sales line.
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