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Default In game restarts/fuzzy screen restart

Well after a few days pondering what the **** could be wrong with my rig, I've boiled it down to what I'm about to detail.

Initially when I first bought my LG 4167B DVD/RW BLACK optical drive it worked a treat, until recently where I've found that when using that particular drive my computer would just restart within a game, even Heroes of Might and Magic one! My new LG drive was the replacement of my BenQ cd-rom drive and I set it up just fine. I also have a Samsung cd/rw optical drive which works just fine when I use it in games. Now I am getting no system errors of any sort, I don't have the computer set to automatically restart so I thought to myself, faulty drive, hmmm I don't think so, otherwise it should've have started off faulty I assumed, so I boiled it down to this one thing, PSU problems, not a sufficient enough PSU, even though I THINK it's supposed to be a 500W Ritmo, which I have found to be a non-recommended PSU AT ALL, 'shifty' PSU so to say. ALso, when I shoved in my SWKotOR cd and the game started up, when I got to the menu the screen just went all fuzzy and weird and if I left it that way for a couple of seconds the computer would restart and if i quickly exited the computer screen stayed all fuzzy and weird, forcing me to restart or continue to lookat this weird and fuzzy screen.

Now I'm assuming this, the cdrw drive doesn't use as much power/ampage as the DVD drive, so when I use the DVD Drive in conjunction with my graphics card (which happens to be a 9600XT) my ****ting power supply can't handle this and the computer restarts.

P.S. DVD drive works using cds/dvds when listening to music, watching dvd's and also extracting files off them, this seems to be specifically occuring in games only.

Do I get a new PSU and hope that I don't have the same problem when i hook that up to my PC? Continue searching for another possible answer to my problem? Take it to a computer shop and see if they can figure out the problem and pay them money for it and then probably pay them more for the PSU and intalling?

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Well if you do get a new PSU, order one from (or your favorite site) and install it yourself. Installing a PSU is very easy. All you have to do is unplug all the old wires, unscrew 4 screws from the back of the case, rip out old PSU, and then do everything in reverse.

Now, I don't think a bad PSU would give you a "fuzzy screen". So, I'm going to say that would be a video card problem. Whether the video card is actually bad or not, I can't really say...but it could be a driver issue as well. Have you tried different drivers?


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Well I've had various ATI drivers and I've experienced the fuzzy screen before, all I can think is that there isn't enough power going to the card, which is what causes it, and the thing is I've never got the fuzzy screen with my Samsung optical drive, never got any restarts.
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