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Default First time build, nothing happens when I turn on power

Hello, I'm a first time builder and just today received my parts in the mail from newegg. The only thing that I did not buy from newegg, I bought used from a private seller, the case and power supply.

Here are my specs.

Amd phenon II x3 720 2.8ghz
asrock mobo M3A780GXH/128M amd 780G +SB710 (has an onboard graphics card and is ready to boot, not sure if that is important info)
Radeon HD 4970 1G ram
Raidmax RX-630A 630 watts
Antec 1200

Don't think anything else is important other than that info... if any other info is needed let me know.

Here's the problem:

When I turn on the power, and press the power switch I get nothing. I think that I heard a short noise, and I may have heard it again after resetting the power supply, but I'm not quite sure as the click of the computer or a squeak from my hardwood floors could have made it. Either way it is not doing it now.
I've check all my connections to my mobo. It seems I'm getting nothing from this power supply but I am unsure. Is there anyway I can test the power supply stand alone to see if it's working? Or is this possibly and issue where I blew my mobo.
Just so it's clear yes I did check my 8xpin 12v connector and I checked my 24 pin to my mobo and they are just fine. I even reseated my cpu just to make sure.
Would static cause an issue with this? I mean I'm at a loss as to why I'm getting absolutely nothing. And yes I'm plugged into a hot outlet. I did buy a power cord from radio shack for this PS as the guy did not supply it. And one last thing I just checked I did not have it set to the US standard of 110 on the back, could this have blown anything?

Thank you for your time, again if you need anymore info to help please just ask.

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Default Re: First time build, nothing happens when I turn on power

when you say nothing, do you mean absolutely nothing? Is the PSU fan coming on or anything at all? Based only on the description you've given, sounds like a bad PSU.

Here's an article on testing the PSU

Power Supply Test - How Do I Test the Power Supply in My Computer? - PSU Test

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Default Re: First time build, nothing happens when I turn on power

Yes I mean nothing, when I first got the power supply I tried a test on it myself by just plugging it in and see if the fan came on. When it did not I msg'd the guy who sold it to me, he just told me that it needed to be plugged into a mobo for it to respond. I'll look into the testing for the PSU.
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Default Re: First time build, nothing happens when I turn on power

The PSU needs to be turned on, not just by the switch at the back- the computer power on switch is connected to your MOBO and your MOBO 'tells' the PSU to turn on. You can test the pins on the PSU MOBO plug with a voltmeter. Simply unplug the PSU from everything first. Then turn it on by shorting out the power switch pin to common return on the 10 or 12 pin mobo plug. Make sure you know what you are doing though. Then just check all the pin voltages.

Is it all plugged in together? When things aren't working its a good idea to start simple, CPU RAM and mobo only (and CPU fan!) and see if it will POST.
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Default Re: First time build, nothing happens when I turn on power

Thank you both for your help. This morning I did a triple check on all my connections from my power supply. Found that the connectors for the reset switch and power switch were reversed. Switched them around, hit power and it powered up.

I'm installing the OS now and hope to update drivers etc shortly. You could very possibly see me in here again asking questions as this is my first time building and setting up a computer. Again thank you for the help
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