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dcgamer 11-24-2007 12:46 AM

External Hardrive Not Loading/Not Recognized
I have an Iomega 250GB external HD and have had it for almost a year, however around a week ago while using it on my laptop it stopped loading and being recognized on the computers I've connected it to (via usb port). It turns on, lights up (except the light that blinked when information was being accessed/transferred) and makes the same noise as when it worked, however it is virtually unrecognized as no letter drive or 'new hardware detected' icon appears.

I could not help the situation, so i decided to unscrew the enclosure and inspected the interior (did not move any wires or anything) and i noticed the usb connection port on the external hd seems to move around when the usb cord is inserted, however it may have always done that as it was my 1st time inspecting the interior.

I have some legal documents and academic files I did not backup elsewhere, therefore I would like get other's take on this, concerning if the data is gone for sure or I should opt to look into repair (if possible at all). I realize external hd's have relatively short life spans but am looking into alternatives to retrieve the data.
Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.

Blind_Arrow 11-25-2007 08:04 PM

Re: External Hardrive Not Loading/Not Recognized
if I were you, i would have hooked it inside PC casing and tried to access data from there.

if spindle is working fine, i don't think it should have some serious issue, if it hadn't been giving grinding noises in past. the external h/d's started getting issues only because they don't get cooled properly, secondly, manufacturers put all kind of rubbish, so its always recommended if you are buying a hard-drive for data back up, better get yourself an enclosure with fan, and buy yourself a decent hard drive to store data on. I have seen WD's failing because of heat due to improper casing design.

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