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Default dead, dying cpu..

about 2 months ago i was playing a little wow and my computer turned off. i thought the plug was loose but it wasnt. for years ive been running a 300 watt psu with upgrades like radeon x1950 pro card. now i know thats bad but it ran fine for 3 years.. i opened up my comp each year and found the 12 v rail and the box where it connected to was burnt. some capcitators were poped up. i went to the tech and they told me to replace the psu first. ok i replaced the psu with a 450 watt one. keep in mind the 300 one was still working as i tested it with the 12 v rail unhooked. tested the 450 one like that the same. but when i plugged in thr 12 v rail its the same problem when ud press power on ud hear a split second "pts" sound and the fans spun 1/4th of a sec. ok i replace the motherboard too got a good one which is compatible with everything. same story tho with the 12 v rail in the pts sound and no power... so i am thinking now is it the cpu? cpu is a p4 3.0 ht 90nm processor with a stock heatsink. i took it out it looked fine. even with the new mobo its the same story.. anyone? i tested ram and vid card and hd they worked.. is it the cpu guys? i cant power on my pc...

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Default Re: dead, dying cpu..

strange case however, CPU shouldnt have effected as CPU only dies due to over heat, which in that case wasnt possible as intel come with thermal diodes.

can you get similar pin CPU and test on your system?

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Default Re: dead, dying cpu..

no currently i cant get a similar one but soon am planning to if this one is dead to buy a 3.0 cedar mill p4 which has 65 nm... what confuses me also is that its exactly the same problem after the psu and mobo upgrades.. it must be the cpu... no?
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Default Re: dead, dying cpu..

It could be your CPU. Last time something bad happened to me, it took out my CPU and Motherboard. It was a 2.93Ghz Celeron (Prescott core). I got lucky as I was in the process of purchasing the computer I have now. Strangely the Motherboard killed the CPU. The PSU was fine (300W included with an HP computer).

EDIT - Double check everything first, all connections again. unplug any front panel connections you have, such as audio ports and USB ports. Try it with only 1 stick of ram, and the CPU. No HDD's or CD-ROMs.
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Default Re: dead, dying cpu..

yes on the old and new mobo the fans spun without the 12 v rail in but when in it had a faint pts electrical sound and the fans started up for 1/4th a sec. i even removed the mobo and put it on a card board box and everything there and started it up like that... same result no 12 v rail in, fans were spinning. 12 v rail in. nothing but pts sound and 1/4 sec spin.

i tried it first without any cards in then plugged each one in 1 by one peice by peice without the 12 v rail in the whole time. when i got to everything in it worked.. until rofl the dreaded 12 v rail went back in........... yeap "pts" no power. am ordering new cpu as we speak. hopefully it will work!
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