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Old 12-09-2006, 03:30 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Crap, WTF happened to my CPU?

Here is the problem, I was just doing my work then the font of my desktop and everything changes to a smeared look then the mouse pointer stops, and the pc turns off automatically without a warning or anything. I know this is not due to a virus because it had never happened before and this recently happened even after I reformatted my Hard Drive. It;s happened a few times then the pc doesnt turn on anymore.
So..., I opened up my pc just to see what's wrong. I took everything apart, and something happened (Idk what), the pins from the cpu went sideways, only a few of them though, they were not originally like that. I used an object to try to straighten it up but still no luck. Then i tried to put everything back but the back of the motherboard where the Cpu was, bends a little.

Is there a way to get the CPU back to its original shape?
Also, when i had it on for awhile, i began to smell plastic and it might have come from the power supply, might it have been the CPU itself?

Help me, Im only a beginner and dont know what exactly is wrong.

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that happened to me too. I was playing a game and pc turned off.
I was told to use a needle nose pliers and the pins came off instead of going straight so be careful.

That computer was only $1,000 so i trashed everything but the graphics card, power supply, and the hard drive cause those are the only things that where fine.

Definately be careful if your poor or if you spent over $200 for your cpu.
Since your swearing on the subject line i am guessing you don't got much money for another cpu. And i am guessing something fried cause you smell plastic melting.

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Don't use needle nose pliers, for God sakes. That's rediculous, you're bound to pull the pins off... Get a mechanical pencil (without a lead in the tip), and use the hole to gently push the pins back into place.

Your bent CPU pins probably happened when you took it out, and probably has nothing to do with the original problem... It sounds like your video card died or something like that, but it's hard to tell at this point.
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Old 12-09-2006, 04:07 PM   #4 (permalink)
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hey somebody here told me to use a needle nose pliers but i forget who. Its not like i yanked on the pins i just used them to bend them back straight.
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i just use a razor blade to straighten my pins, works well.
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if you smell burning plastic check your power supply, happend me before
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Use a mechanical pencil to bend the pins back, and for god sakes, DONT use anything metal, IE, needle nose pliers.

My CPU had practically all the pins on the left edge bent, and I was able to bend them back, and now it works just fine.
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a credit card worked well for me just run it between the pins no pushing or pullling
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I pulled a pin off a processor once and it still works.
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the burning plastic might of been a component of the CPU because when the CPU pins are bend the heatsink isn't properly placed so the cpu might of overheated and damaged.
on the back of the motherboard the solder on the area u were talking about might of gotten cold heat and u need to Resolder it in order to fix it

BTW what kind of moran put ur pc together ?

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