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Nick 12-25-2007 10:52 AM

CPU upgrade problem
I upgraded my CPU from an Athlon 3800+ to a 3800+ X2, my motherboard recognises it etc but in windows it randomly shut down and now i cant even get into windows, i just get a BSOD :confused:

temps were fine, core 1 was 31 degrees and core2 was 37 degrees according to coretemp and my GPU was at a steady 49 degrees celcius

please help

update: installed old cpu everything is fine, my new one must be faulty :)

ctm2k 12-25-2007 02:25 PM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
Deff a bad cpu

Nick 12-25-2007 03:10 PM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
thanks for the reply, if my motherboard recognises it and so does windows then i probarbly wont need to update the bios.. the cpu must be a crapper

Nukem 12-25-2007 03:20 PM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
The bios MIGHT need to be updated, depending on how old the mobo is and also, you can use this (Dual core Optimizer) to help with the Windows problem and the CPU.

AMD Athlon™ 64/FX Processor Utilities & Updates

if that doesn't help, then I might say check your CPU, but I'm not sure it's the CPU right off the bat. Just because your mobo sees the CPU doesn't mean it can operate with it properly.

Nick 12-25-2007 03:42 PM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
ive downloaded some of those apps but will they actuly stop windows from crashing etc?

Nukem 12-25-2007 03:59 PM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
It's not JUST for gaming as it stated... when I bought my first DC, I used it and my freezing up stopped, but more importantly, at this point... what would it hurt to try it?

Nick 12-25-2007 04:28 PM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
good point ill try now, 10:30PM wheyy ill post bck in a sec

Nick 12-26-2007 07:13 AM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
UPDATE: ive flashed the BIOS and have CPU running Orthos on the small FFTs test, it hasnt crashed yet fingers crossed

krazyq 12-26-2007 09:55 AM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
thats good nick.
Most mobos need to be flashed when upgrading from single to dual core.
Im not sure if you should do a clean format though...some ppl recommend one.

Nick 12-26-2007 10:45 AM

Re: CPU upgrade problem
ok, its still not working i flashed the BIOS as I said earlier and i ran 3dmark06 and also had run orthos earlier for an hour and 20 mins, then when i was installing orange box it just cut out like id switched off the power :confused:

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