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Unhappy CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup

Hi all! I seem to come across Tech Forum solutions constantly via searches and now am here again to search yet again! The minds here seem to have most of their cogs in running order at least. =D

I recently attempted to upgrade my AMD 6400+ DualCore to a newly purchased Penom 9950 125W Black Edition. Before the install I updated drivers, disabled QuickBoot and successfully flashed the newest BIOS (which supports the 9950). Up to this point everything is still working properly. A fresh system restart later I shut down the computer for the hardware install. The Phenom w/included heatsink+fan was then swapped in, everything correctly and securely in place. With no other hardware or software changes the system successfully POST'ed and booted up to the Windows loading screen just before being brought to desktop. Within seconds of the desktop appearing the screen suddenly distorts followed instantly by a BSOD. It is stable under Safe Mode though.

The 6400+ POSTs, boots and runs fine after a reswap. I swapped the Phenom back in thinking perhaps I incorrectly installed the heatsink (though I wouldn't think overheating should be that severe within seconds of desktop startup) but alas the thermal contact and bracket latching was all correct.

Any thoughts? Overwhelming power draw? Faulty CPU?

System specs:
- Windows Vista x64
- MSI K9A2 Platinum AM2+
- BIOS v1.6
- 8GB 1066 DDR2 (currently running @ 800 on the 6400+)
- 2x ATI 3870s (Crossfire'd)
- 750W Corsair PSU

So far my troubleshooting has included trying varying amounts and populations of RAM, a fresh reinstall/flashing of the BIOS, enabling QuickBoot, tinkering with BIOS/CMOS settings (early attempts were using "Fail-Safe Defaults" which are what i normally use), removing one of the video cards and some other small, minor efforts. All of these resulted in 100% workability using the 6400+ and 100% BSOD using the Phenom.

I have minidumps up the wazoo that I have no knowledge about, including the same "Safe-Mode" post-BSOD analysis BCCodes:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000096
BCP2: FFFFFA6006D422C0
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1
I hope someone is able to shed some light on this aggravating issue and thanks for your time! =)

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Default Re: CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup

Have you tried new install of vista while tghe quads in?

Maybe vistas unhappy, aND HAS DUAL stuck in its settings?

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Default Re: CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup

That is most likely going to be the next step to try. I'm not sure about the success rate of that as the default BIOS (v1.4) that the mobo comes with is older than the 9950 release, and therefore is not supported yet in that BIOS version. So I would think that the 9950 wouldn't have any better luck with an older BIOS, much less long enough for me to update it. But I will certainly keep that route open as an future option.

I never did end up trying the Reset Button near the Clear CMOS Jumper. How does the functionality of the Reset Button differ from that of the Clear CMOS Jumper?

As far as I can tell the Phenom is being recognized, at least according the the BIOS/CMOS setup. But you're right, maybe the board is recognizing the new CPU but treating it as the old?
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Default Re: CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup

Got a local tech shop you could go there and get them to test the cpu to see whether its faulty would cancel down the possibilities. Btw you do know windows is happiest if its reinstalled after a motherboard/cpu change.
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Default Re: CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup


Read thru that. That will give you the insite on what the Stop Error codes are and what information we need to help you along. The Minidumps are great as well. But if you provide the information stated in there we can help. AT least try to.
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Default Re: CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup

Just a shot in the dark here, but worth a look into anyway. You don't have any sort of DualCore optimizer software installed do you? Maybe that could be causing some trouble? Duno. Anybody think that would be worth a shot?
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Default Re: CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup

Thanks for the replies!

There is MSI's DualCore Center software used for incrementally OC'ing the mainboard and vid card but that software doesn't usually start up until last it seems, and the BSOD occurs long before that. Not sure though.

Either way I have a 500GB 7200RPM 32MB cache Seagate HDD on its way to me as we speak so I'll attempt the fresh partitioned OS install on there and hope it works. Now that the DualCore Center software was mentioned, I hope that I'm prompted to install it so that I can decline. Otherwise that could turn into a problem most likely? It's frustrating to find mobo install/compatibility info from manufacturers and seems the best option is finding other users who've already blazed that trail.

If the Vista install doesn't resolve the problem then I'll post the info from Mak's suggestion and see what's up. =D

Thanks again! =)
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Default Re: CPU Upgrade = BSOD @ Vista x64 Startup

Automatic software overclocking is liable to causing problems hence why the old fashioned into the bios way is what we reccomend its more stable and you can get higher clocks the only flaw is that you no longer click something saying 15% increase you have to understand some logic but 20mins reading and article that lets you overclock any processor is worth it imo

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