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Question CPU temps


I'm new to this forum so i hope im posting this in the right place. If not i apologise.

I have been wanting to re-intall Windows XP on my PC but have been having difficulty as when i boot my Pc with the windows disk in the D drive it boots from the CD (as i want it to) says inspecting hardware configuration, changes to a blue screen with Windows setup and just hangs there.

So i was thinking i have maybe got RAM issues so i ran memtest 86 did the extended test and let it do a few passes with no errors generated.

I then thought i'll run Prime95 to see if it would pick any issues with my CPU etc up. Before doing this i wanted to moniter my CPU temps while doing this so i downloaded Motherboard monitor 5 and at idle my CPU temp was 64 degrees C! I rebooted and checked the temps in my bios which said CPU was 46... - I downloded AIDA32 and this also says that mu CPU is running at 64 and my AUX is 43. which should i go by? as im worried my CPU is cooking.

I have not experienced and crashes other than when trying to re-install XP.

Any ideas? and sorry for the long post, just trying to give as muchdetail as possible.

AMD XP3000+ FSB333
1gig Corsair DDR400 (2 x 512mb)
PC chips M848A mobo
60gig Seagate HDD
ATI Radeon 8500 64MB AGP graphics
Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum

thanks in advance, Matt.

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I think that it's to hot. Get some arctic silver thermal paste and apply it evenly on the CPU Chip. I assume you've done this before. If not AMD site has instructions on how. And make sure you don't have any dust clogging the CPU cooling fins. I take my computer out in the garage every 6 months or so and give it a good cleaning and blow everything out.

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ur bios should be correct i wouldnt rely on other programs to tell me the temp. try one more program try speedfan that may work but if it tells u 60 or so and upon immediate reset u are still at 40 something in the bios then the programs are incorrect. are u overrclocking at all?
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sorry i should have mentioned that i have put artic silver on the cpu die before installing the heat sink, there is not much dust as i cleaned it a month ago.

I have downloaded speedfan and the main reading on the taskbar is showing 44 (which is reasuring) but the thing that concerns me is when i look on the 'readings' tab on the right-hand side it says:

temp1: 44
temp2: 127
temp3: 64
HD0: 27

temp 2&3 have a small flame symbol next to it although i dont know what these temps are for.

could these temps be causing the pc to hang when trying to re-install XP?
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Not if it is running fine in xp. The bios temp is the correct temp. 46c is perfect for a socket A amd they are one of the hottest running cpu's made. What is the error code on the blue screen? Is the XP cd in good shape?
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well im glad that im not frying my PC...

when installing windows, there is no error message, it just gets to the blue screen which has Windows setup in white writing underlined and just hangs there, ive left it for a few hours and come back to it but its still there.

If i remember right i think that this is the part where the files needed for the installation to begin are loaded (please corret me if im wrong) either way it just hangs there.

The CD im using is in perfect condition - i have also tried using a new XP home CD that i have bought to build a PC for my brother, this does the same.

Could a faulty CPU be causing this to hang? If so would something like prime95 point this out when running a test?


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