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Unhappy CPU Multiplier Issue

Hi, I built my first computer two weeks ago now and have had 2 strange but somewhat(maybe) related things happen to me. Here is a rundown on my specs:

Intel Core2duo e6300
GIGABYTE GA-965P-S3 mobo
G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800 ram
eVGA Geforce 7600GT
Coolmax 500w PSU
Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA HDD
SAMSUNG 18X DVD±R DVD Burner Model SH-S182D

The first issue was a week ago, at the time I had speedfan and cpu-z installed as my only type of monitoring programs, I was watching my temps with speedfan and not doing anything particularly demanding at all since I had just got it hooked up and was downloading a variety of programs is all. I noticed the CPU temp jumped up to 72 degrees(probably hotter than that, since now I am running coretemp/intel TAT and they read 10ish degrees higher) and the CPU fan was at 0 rpm and also saw that the CPU multiplier cpu-z had listed was now 6x (stock is 7x) and the bus speed was also about 15-20ish MHz below normal. Well, being a newbie and as paranoid about my investment as I am I quickly hit the power button and let it sit for a minute. I logged into the bios and checked the cpu temps there and saw they were in the mid 40's so it seemed to confirm they got hot.

During the meantime I put it through a variety of different stress tests and checked my coretemp logs and have seen my CPU's hit 59 degrees celsius max and I am fine with that. I am planning on ordering a Tuniq tower soon and doing some air cooled overclocking so I am keeping track of normal operation in the meantime. After that episode it had ran fine until yesterday when I had another glitch.

I had just installed Oblivion and went through the process of creating a character and got about 3 minutes into the game when my computer just died. The computer was really my only indication of power in the room so I thought maybe the power went out, it was that kind of a crash. Well, I turned the thing right back on and opened up cpu-z again. Once again my multiplier was set at 6x but the bus speed was 266 MHz which is normal. It was acting pretty sluggish as I tried to reboot and I actually had to press the reset button on the case to restart. This time I went right into the bios and saw that my multiplier was set at 6x in the bios, I manually changed it back to 7x and it ran fine for the rest of the day(including a 2-3 hour session of Oblivion).

Whew, sorry for the novel there but I am trying to give good info, I know the people that will be able to help will be looking for info. The reason I listed the link for my PSU is because I know I didn't buy one of the top brands, but the ratings on Newegg convinced me I would be okay and thought I could save 50 dollars there and just hit my 1200 dollar budget.

So I'm clueless here and not really able to diagnose this, but I am thinking/hoping that it is a power supply issue, or do I have a problem with another component? I read that speedfan was a decent way to check your voltages so I will list my readings here also if that helps, they don't seem right in every area but then again I'm not 100% sure I know what I'm looking at.

Vcore1: 1.25V; Vcore2: 1.86V; +3.3V: 3.36V; +5V: 4.89V; +12V: varies between 0.00V and 0.06V; -12V: -16.97V; -5V: 7.27V; +5V: 5.16V; Vbat: 3.18V

Hope that's enough for now, let me know if you need me to do anything else, I want to get this worked out. I don't have any spare parts to change out since this was my first build, but if someone thinks they can nail the problem I'll RMA and get a replacement or different part.

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do you have the fan set to auto in the bios? because it sounds like the bios is turning off the fan, or the fan has been disconnected, so as a reaction, the pc reduced voltage, fsb, and multiplier to reduce temps so it dont fry because of no fan. when it says 0 rpm, can you look into the case and confirm it? also, did the voltage readings come from speedfan? if so, get a different utility, maybe one from the manufactures site, those are more accurate. as for it shutting off, that would be its reaction to overheating and powering off to prevent damage.

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The cpu fan is set to auto in the bios. Yep, the voltage readings are from speedfan, but I'll look into another one. I didn't think to look in the case at the time, if it happens again I'll take out the two thumb screws and open the side and check, that's a good idea.

The fact that the cpu got ramped down when the fan probably stopped on me is good, that takes some weight off my shoulders since I'll be ordering a non-stock heatsink and fan any day now... Hopefully when I get it installed this will all be just a bad memory.

Thanks for the reply, if anyone else has any advice feel free to chime in, and thanks in advance!
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