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Question CPU & HDD Questions


I have a few questions which stems from a problem of hardware. Two days ago my computer started to get hot and freeze up, and then turn off. I at first thought it was the PSU, but whenever the system was off right after the freak outs the PSU was cold and the air came out cold. But there was a pretty hot air around the CPU. I took a flashlight and shined it on the CPU and saw that it was not directly 'attached' to the motherboard anylonger.

Ever since then booting the system up would automatically turn it off, sometimes it would say "CPU Fan Failure" or a similar message that would appear for probably a second before it would turn off by itself. Also since then the light on my computer, which is normally blue, is now a stable orange—no blinking. My motherboard beeps and goes into BIOS (should it stay on long enough to do so), but that's basically all that I can share on the matter.

So, I was told to take everything out of the computer, including the motherboard. I did. The same person [local tech-shop worker] told me that since my CPU is hanging off the mobo I need to get the pieces that use to hold it up out from behind the mobo, which I did, and put it back together. However, for the bottom left hole the pieces are completely gone [little plastic sticks] so I can only hold it up by three sides. Which I'm guessing is a very serious problem.

And now the same person who promised to help me put the mobo back together as it was, will not help and I have no idea how or where everything plugs into. I have been following the manual for my mobo [which is listed below] and with the manual's way, the light is still orange and it still shuts off because the PSU. Not only that, but I have CMOS [I believe that was it] reset issue and had to put in the time or run default options.

The worse part is that I can't access my HDD so I can prepare it for another PC, a new one I am trying to work up to get.

I have read this thread that was stickied and that is exactly like my problem, only I wasn't installing a new PSU.



Problem: Cpu does not work.

1. Cpu incompatible with board
2. Chipped core(only for coppermine/athlon/durons)
3. Socket arm not down
4. BIOS may need reset
5. Fan failier protection may cause motherboard to shut down if there's no power draw on the cpu fan socket, make sure fan is plugged in if this applies to your board.
But I'm not sure if everything is plugged in correctly. Here are the PC's specs.

mobo; P5L-MX
HDD; 320gb, had 32bit Windows 7 installed on it
Powersupply; 350watt.

Manual link > Direct download or site link.

The cords the manual mentions is not what I have. I only have two of the things mentioned.

If the CPU is the problem, would buying a replacement make it work again? The HDD has very important things on it.

If not, is there anyway I can get the HDD to run in another PC? Right now I am on a Compaq Presario CQ5320F (Narra6 mobo), Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version running in Ubuntu. I have been told it is possible if the other PC you attempt it with supports the OS bit type the previous machine was...but I would rather not risk my HDD without getting further answers or backup.

Any and all answers or help would be very welcomed.

Thank you all.


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Default Re: CPU & HDD Questions

The processor will shut down on thermal overload (to hot) in fractions of a second if the heatsink is off the cpu. If it is broken then you need to purchase a new heatsink/fan and some new thermal paste. removing the board would make it easier for you, although it is a little more work.

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Default Re: CPU & HDD Questions

you will need a socket 775 cooler , you should be able to get this at nearly ANY decent computer shop, if not then either newegg.com or tigerdirect.com
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Default Re: CPU & HDD Questions

Hello and thank you for the replies everyone.

I will be sure to get both the cooler and the thermal paste. Here is hoping it did not fry from turning on and off that once.

[Items I order online take a while to get to me, but I will update/edit the thread if it worked for me]

Thank you all once again!


Alright, ordered a replacement fan, this one here. Next is the thermal paste.
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