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Unhappy CPU fan speed increases and decreases on idle - hilfe!

Okay guys I have been doing loads of looking into, and i am a little stumped.

When I am generally using my computer, with desktop applications - e.g. steam, firefox with a few tabs, xfire - with the CPU idling around 39c (checked with speedfan) the CPUs heatsink seems to whirr up occasionally, then after a minute or so, whir back down.

Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the noise is VERY noticeable - its the type of sound I would expect from the fan when playing games, not simply using standards apps on the desktop.

Now I cant pinpoint how long this has been happening for, but I have noticed it recently - and I rewired my case, cleaned it out of dust, checked the bios, ran AVG virus scans, and CCleaner registry cleans - and well everything seems dandy.
Exept this keeps persisting.

Now I am not sure if I might need a new heatsink, a new PSU, or a new motherboard (if the temperature gauge just happens to be busted), but does anyone have a rough idea what it could be?

Please, let it be software, or something simple

Anyway the important bits of my specs are:
Q6600 @ stock 2.4
Gigabyte P35C-DS3R
3582mb DDR2
8800GT 512mb
Coolermaster 650w
Thermaltake Soprano
Windows XP @ service pack 3.

Although it sounds pathetic, any help or advice would be appreciated.

I really am not sure what to do, and on the verge of buying a new heatsink and thermalpaste - and reformatting.



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Default Re: CPU fan speed increases and decreases on idle - hilfe!

Can always try reapplying thermal paste to see if that helps the situation.

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Default Re: CPU fan speed increases and decreases on idle - hilfe!

I guess I should, if it helps my cores are running at:
Core 1:30c
Core 2:30c
Core 3:24c
Core 4:24c
Is this an indication the heatsink may of been dislodged looking at the temperature variations?
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Default Re: CPU fan speed increases and decreases on idle - hilfe!

those temps aren't bad at all, but i would still check the HSF if you can
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Default Re: CPU fan speed increases and decreases on idle - hilfe!

Yeah the temps aren't that bad. Thats the weird thing.... I dont think it might be my CPU's heatsink.

I did a little research and this is what I found:

I disabled all case fans in my soprano manually - side, rear, front (leaving the CPU, GPU and PSU of course - mobo only has a fanless heatsink)

Running in the BIOS I monitored the temperatures, and CPU fans RPM.

Now the CPU tems varied from 41c to 43c, and RPM from 1225 to 1264 - now I would not expect this to be a huge change, but the noise - whirring up and down persisted as usual (still either very quiet or loud - utter extremes)

After seeing this I put my ear to the top of the case's exterior - to feel for vibrations - and particularly around the PSU region, then against the PSU itself, and it certainly feels like its the PSU's fans/fan powering up and down at 3min odd intervals.

Now my ears could be decieving me... and im not too sure about the CPUs RPM readings and temperature....

But is this more of a matter, of my Coolermaster PSU failing?

Is this a logical reason for the odd raise and drop in noise?

I wouldn't be surprised as my CPU temps seem okay - they never change the fan noises powering up and down persist, and well... I know Coolermaster are questionable as far as raw PSU quality goes.

Any quick replys would be great - as ill have to pickup a replacement tomorow


Oh yeah my PSU is plugged directly into a wall socket
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