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raverx3m 02-10-2006 06:55 PM

corrupted images? big issue
im gonna start from the begining so u know why they re corrupted
first of all i have a 200gb HD that was in a external usb box for about a year and of cource it bumped into things coupla times but it was working with o problems at all
then i gave the usb box to my dad and put the HD in desktop i was borrowing
and it worked fine too with no probs i had about 180gb of stuff on it.

then i gave the desktop back to my friend after i fixed it and got his ****ty FRY's store assembled computer(which he belivetd to have HT but i had to prove to him that it didnt)
as soon as i put the HD in there (after reformat and fresh windows start of cource) about 80 gigs of my data just vanished so im like WTF mate wheres my $ht
so heres my problem
i ran check disk on it and it would freeze everytime
so i took it to a shop and the dude ran check disk for about an hour and it recovered about60gb of data(???)same checkdisk different systems
so anywayi scanned it with about 5 different disk tools and none of them can find bad clusters or sectors
and theres no errors on disk
i ran chkdisk in dos mode tonight and it didnt find any errors either

but as of now i still have folders full of unreadable images(bmp,jpg,gif)
and some folders where just random images are not readable

also the ewird thing happened when i tried to move images to different folder
they moved and then they became unreadable too
so im not touching anything on that hd for now
no movind no defragging or anything

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