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bonzo123 11-10-2007 03:47 PM

Computer wont start up!!!
Ok, so I was opening up my computer and noticed there was soem dust around my RAM so I took the RAM chip out and cleaned the slot and what not and stuck the chip back in. When I did that and tryed to turn on the computer the fans would go for 1 second then stop. When i take he power cord out of the back of the comp then stick it back in the little green light turns on telling me there is power but once I try to turn the computer on the light will go off and the fans will turn off. Any ideas?

CalcProgrammer1 11-10-2007 05:03 PM

Re: Computer wont start up!!!

The fans starting up and going off COULD mean you have a short in your motherboard. This happened to me when I was putting together my new motherboard. Check under the motherboard to make sure there is no screw holes or pins from the case that may be shorting out the board.

It could also mean that the RAM hasn't been correctly replaced. Try taking out and re-seating the RAM. Note that it does take a considerable amount of force to insert a stick of RAM, so push until the levers on both sides snap into place.

Is the power light of the case coming on when you plug it in or is it a little green light on the power supply? If it's on the case, it could be a motherboard power issue, maybe a shorting issue. Try re-inserting the RAM because if the RAM isn't properly inserted, the computer can't post and will stop running. If your motherboard has a buzzer thing on it (a little black cylinder with a hole in the middle) it should beep a few times if the RAM isn't properly inserted (some motherboards can't make beeping noises, most can).

I'd first try reinserting the RAM and see if it goes away.

bonzo123 11-10-2007 05:27 PM

Re: Computer wont start up!!!
Well I tryed reinserting the RAM a few times and that didnt work and the little green light is on the back of the power supply not on the case. I'm clueless...

CalcProgrammer1 11-10-2007 05:47 PM

Re: Computer wont start up!!!
So the light on the PSU goes off when you try running the PC? The PSU light should stay on when the PSU is plugged in. Do you have another PSU you could test with?

bonzo123 11-10-2007 11:31 PM

Re: Computer wont start up!!!
Psu = Power supply? Sorry I'm rusty with all the Computer mombo jombo.

But if I'm right I got a few lyin around.

Anyways, yeah when I made sure everything in the computer was in place I stuck the power cord in the back of the comp and the green light on the back of the power supply turns on. When I try turning on the comp the fans will go then turn off within a second and so will the green light.

I'm hoping I didnt **** up the RAM ship or the RAM slot but I'm thinking that may be the problem which would really suck.

-RockMan- 11-11-2007 12:01 AM

Re: Computer wont start up!!!
Make sure your power switch cable, reset cable and HDD cable aren't in the wrong places on the mobo.... usually when I build or rebuild a computer it can be that -simple- issue.... also I recommend trying a different power supply and ram.
When you have everything ready try your onboard video if you have it. If it flickers on and post then your problem is solved however if you get a dead black monitor screen, god help you...

sPlAtOiD 11-11-2007 01:15 AM

Re: Computer wont start up!!!
Did you ground your self before you touched the ram. Static can fry computer parts. It really sounds like you just have something loose but it could be a fried ram stick.

CalcProgrammer1 11-11-2007 01:25 AM

Re: Computer wont start up!!!
PSU = Power Supply Unit

Try a different power supply. If you have one laying around, just plug the main connector into your motherboard, 12v CPU power connector if your motherboard needs it, hard drive power connector, and others. You don't have to take the old one out of the case, just test it open. Plug in the new PSU and try to run the computer. If it works, take the old PSU out of the case and screw in the new one.

If you have a different stick of RAM, try that, also try reseating the RAM that you have and/or trying a different slot.

If the fans spin up and then the whole computer stops after a second or so, I'm thinking you have a motherboard short. Mine did the same thing when some pins on the case shorted it out (thought my new motherboard was DOA, but when I took the board out of the case, it ran fine). Try removing the screws holding the motherboard in place, lifting the board off the case, and try booting the PC while holding the board up. If it works, use plastic washers or another insulator around the screws and remove any posts that aren't used to hold it in.

Also try reinserting the CPU and heatsink, probably not the issue, but it's worth a try if none of the above work.

If you use an external (as in, not integrated) graphics card, take it out and reinsert it.

Check the motherboard for debris (like dust, as you originally said) that could be shorting terminals as well, if there's anything metallic in the debris, it could short the board. Many motherboards can and will detect shorts before they try and run the post test, and if they detect a short circuit the computer goes into a power-down state to prevent damage.

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