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CapnHands95 03-25-2011 11:26 AM

Computer startup/USB issue
I have a custom computer that has recently decided to try look for the OS from the USB ports during the startup sequence. I am no novice when if comes to computers, but this is something I have never seen. If ANYTHING is plugged into the USB ports during startup, the computer will boot but right before I see the Windows logo, I see a brief flash of the magical blue screen with an error message and then the computer automatically restarts. In this case, the computer is trying to access the OS from a wireless keyboard/mouse transmitter plugged in the back of the PC. So, the start the PC up properly, I have to unplug the receiver and then plug it back in when all is started up proper like. Not a major issue, but a thorn in my side all the same.
I have checked bios settings for boot device sequence and nothing seems out of place. If anyone has any experience with the phenomenon or advice as to how to correct it, help would be most appreciated.:cool:

MindoverMaster 03-25-2011 11:37 AM

Re: Computer startup/USB issue
Try reinstalling chipset drivers. Get it from the website of your motherboard's model number.

See if you can get into safe mode as well. F8 before Windows loads.

Also, what was the BSOD stop code?

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