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Concore 05-12-2008 10:43 PM

Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
I have a pretty High dollar computer built for running games on a very high setting, the only problem is that on any games are remotely graphic intensive my computer will shut off after a few minutes to thirty minutes. I then have to hard reset it by holding down the power button. When it does shut off my power light stays on but there is no movement in my computer. Everything is stopped. This did not happen until after I wiped my hard drives. I installed all of my drivers and did all of my updates. I have monitored temperatures and replaced the power supply. I am now at a loss. Any ideas?

SYL\X/3K 05-12-2008 11:08 PM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
Check if Hibernation is Enabled or Standby, disable both

eyeCpc 05-12-2008 11:13 PM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
By shutoff do you mean games lock solid? Besides a possible bad dimm accounting for unexpected locks a board problem is likely since you ruled temps out. But can you monitor video card temps along with cpu and board?

A bad cap or biod eprom would be the hardware side of a board problem while a weak battery or corrupted bios programming would be another type. With XP games tend to lock up solid while Vista now sees an improved crash control method for logging off in order to return to the desktop if the task manager fails to end a locked game or app.

If you have a reset button that should readily see the system restart and bring up the Windows F8 boot menu for the last known that worked, safe mode, or starting Windows normally. The power button held should see the system turn off completely unless a board problem is present. You should see the "soft off in 4 seconds" or similar option in the bios setup along with the user defined option there in case that is set different.

Concore 05-13-2008 08:43 AM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
The issue that makes alot of those suggestions seem unlikely is the fact that when I play certain games on the lowest setting I don't experience the shutting off problem. and I can monitor the temps of all the hot spots of my computer. I have an nvidia 8800

Ste 05-13-2008 09:54 AM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
Try a different and better power supply first.

It seems as though your power supply cannot handle the high load.

Lower settings would mean the CPU, memory and GPU would work less, drawing less power..

veedubfreak 05-13-2008 05:30 PM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
What are the specs of the machine? You dont have an nvidia 680i motherboard do you?

Harper 05-14-2008 02:08 AM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
Have you check your BIOS's CPU shutdown temp?

Concore 05-14-2008 08:31 AM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
I can't get into my bios menu when I restart, I push the button is says to push but nothing happens, no other key brings it up either.

carnageX 05-14-2008 10:45 AM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
You must have a USB keyboard? Plug in a PS/2 keyboard, or use a PS/2 adapter, enter the BIOS that way, and then enable USB keyboard support. Should be able to use your USB keyboard to enter BIOS after that.

eyeCpc 05-14-2008 08:03 PM

Re: Computer Randomly shuts off ingame
On most newer boards the usb keyboards should still work as far as getting into the bios setup. The one thing to try is repeatedly pressing the DEL key or use another keyboard anyways and repeatedly press the key right when the first post screen appears. Sometimes it takes a little extra at times. The bios could be in need of an update as another thought.

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