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Old 08-24-2005, 02:56 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Computer problem waking up from hibernate

.. Hi everyone.. It'd be great if you can help me out ^^;; .. I'd call the HP hotline for help, but I'm in my dorm room, and phone minutes are precious at college hahah X_x;; .. .. so I hope all you smart techs here don't mind helping me a bit.. ^^;;; ..

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

Computer on hibernate doesn't wake up.. it stays on hibernate (with the power button colored orange) even after clicking the mouse, typing on the keyboard.. etc. etc. I press the power button, and it doesn't do anything either. In an attempt to shut the computer down, I hold the button. It stays orange. That's it. The DVD Writer light will shine a bit after a few seconds (as if it were thinking), but that's it. It stays on hibernate mode.

Right now, I have to close the power supply by closing my power strip.. ><;; .. .. and then open it again for the computer to work.

Also, most of the time, if I close my computer and attempt to turn it on again, the monitor doesn't recieve an input signal. I think this is because of the TV cable, so I unscrewed that, but it'd be nice to keep the TV cable in.. =/ .. .. yeah, and when the monitor doesn't work, I have to again disable the power supply and turn it on again in order for the computer to work. It doesn't "wake up"

=/ .. Please help >< .. .. ;_; .. it's hard especially since we use computers all the time here. I know that this issue is somewhat "minor" .. at least my computer works.. but this problem is annoying, and I just recently purchased this computer.

.. Oh, yeah.. and sometimes, it makes funny chirping noises it didn't use to make.. smiley;;;;;;

Comp Specs
HP Media Center m7100e
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2.0GHz)
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) smiley Media Center Edition
160 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
16X DVD +/-R/RW Drive - Double Layer
Integrated 5.1 Sound with front audio ports
128MB DDR ATI Radeon X300 SE with TV-Out

Other Things Attached to Computer
Ext. Hard Drive (but this is off when I turn my computer on usually)
Printer (on when computer is turning on usually)
Some thingie to point the TV remote at .. o_O;; ..

Thank you soooooo much to anyone with any suggestions!!

Some people have told me that I might have a defective monitor or graphics card.. how could I tell which is causing the problem..? Also, how should I go about fixing this? Probably calling HP maintenance or .. something?? >< .. I don't think they'll come over to my dorm to help me fix it.. =/ ..

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disable hibernate... I am not familiar with media center... but that is what I would do...

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Call HP Toll Free - 1-800-HP-INVENT (1-800-474-6836).

Now are u sure its Hibernate that you're having trouble with and not standby? If it is hibernate, i would think there may be some hw issues at hand - exchange the computer if still under warranty.
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if you MUST keep hibernate (I stay away from it myself) then try updating MBD chipset drivers and the bios. Also, whenever it wont turn off you have to hold it in usually for 30 seconds (longer than some tend to think).
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id just turn the comp off when im not there and turn it back on when i need it... why have it on even hibernating or in standby if noone's around to use it?
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I woulkd just leave it on. Its a media center, so it is meant for that. You can set in BIOs times for it to shut down and power on. Just set it to shut down at 1 in the morning or whatever and power on at 6am (or whenever you want it to). The thing really doens't use much power idle, so just let it run
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mmkay. i had this problem with an HP a couple years back.

the problem with hibernate is static builds up in the power switch, and after a while it causes it to malfunction. hibernate it no good like that. so push the button in for 5-7 seconds, which wil cause the static to discharge. then it should be alright.

if it doesn't work...well. hotline time! :P

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