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Old 04-26-2007, 09:14 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Computer Issues

Hiya all,

Been having a few nagging problems with my computer for a while now, decided i dont want to put up with them anymore.

im using a MSI K8T Neo (MS-6702) Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
have 2 sticks of RAM 1 1gig 1 512mb.
Radeon X800 Pro
windows XP home

The issue im having is my Computer sometimes decides to completely Lock up. as im usally playing games, it usally happens when im playing one and what ever sound is made at the time of the lock up is on a stuttering repeat forcing a manual reset. (although it has locked up when doing nothing in windows)

sometimes it happenes 30mins-1h from when i turn of the comp to only happening once a day.

At first i thought it was down to overheating, which prompted the purchase of the golden Orb II heatsink/fan for the processor which fixed the problem for about 4-6 months i think.
Plus i downloaded a temp monitor and the temps shown never went above 50.

of course it have recently reared its ugly head again. did a reinstall of windows prehaps thinking it was a software issue or something. but it still persists.

one thing ive notced from my computer is the beeps it makes when starting up. 1 beeb a few seconds after the computer has powered on. and 2 more beebs after POST is done oh and i have the AMI BIOS.

So i took out the 512 stick first. same result. then tried with only the 512Mb stick in. same again! so unless both sticks of RAM is smegged (which i hope it aint) then im assuming RAM isnt the problem.

Of course i am Assuming that the Beebs do indeed have something to do with the Lockups in the first place.

sorry for the long rant, but im lost at what to do!!

thanks in advance for any help


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Default Re: Computer Issues

Just an Update, have run Memtest for over 3 hours, with 4 passes and no errors. the crashes still persist

that leaves what, Proccessor and or Motherboard.
i dont think its my Graphics card mainly as about a year ago i changed it hopeing that would fix the crashes.

anyone else have any suggestions. otherwise its gonna be a costly fix to replace the mobo/CPU

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Default Re: Computer Issues

Take a look at my thread I posted a while back. I was having similar problems with my pc randomly rebooting. I ran numerous tests and nothing solved the problem. I know how frustrating it is.

Chronic Rebooting Problem

Try some of the test that I went through on my thread. When I run memtest or burn my pc in with Orthos or Prime95 I always let it run more than 24 hours.

Have you done anything in the BIOS, over clocking, or tweaking of settings? Have you tried reseting the BIOS to the default settings?
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Old 04-29-2007, 05:48 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Computer Issues

well, my BIOS is a bit of a touchy place to be, i tried to flash it a long time ago in windows.. big mistake, its permanently a bit screwed. when i try to change a few select settings. the APG appature size being one of them, them computer will reset but nothing will happen. power is on, but fook all going on.

only way around that is taking the CMOS battery out to reset the settings.
tried re-flashing but it doesnt solve it, so ill just have to put up with it, or get a new mobo i guess

however i did add a bit more to the CPU Vcore today, so i will let you know if that makes a difference as id hate to run them tests for 24h+

thanks for the reply
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Default Re: Computer Issues

crashed 3 times today, so guess changing the CPU Vcore settings didnt work.
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