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Default Computer has trouble starting up.

Basically everytime I try to turn on my computer it will turn off in seconds. The logical thing to do was replace the power supply (I bought a lower quality psu that came with a case) which I did. But the problem is still occuring. I called in a tech guy I know to make sure I hooked up everything properly which I did. He believes that the mobo is now the problem. Do you guys agree/disagree?

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Default Re: Computer has trouble starting up.

Yes. If you've already replaced the power supply you should at least be getting to the POST screen, at that point you would get some beeps if there was something faulty. Since you aren't even getting to that point it would seem your MB needs replacement.

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Default Re: Computer has trouble starting up.

I had a similar problem to yours. *warning, may not be good news* When I went to turn on my computer, it would start, however, it would turn off about 3 seconds later and restart. I wouldnt get a BIOS post either. I also noticed that my power button didnt funtion properly. Instead of just pressing the button once, i had to hold it for 6 seconds for it to turn off. As for the reset button, forget about it. Tested my rig on 2 other PSU's and the same shiz happend.

So, later after I got a professional (my knowledge of computer hardware is pretty good, but this problem baffled me) to troubleshoot my problem, he deduced that my CPU (a Q6600) and motherboard we're toast.

So, what I wuld reccomend for you to do at the least, is make sure your HDD is unplugged, you dont want your HDD header breaking from all the unwanted restarts. Then call a computer hardware professional to come to your place and troubleshoot your problem.

I did the same thing you are doing now, posting on forums for a solution, but fact came and my problem was never solved. Leave it to the pro's, the net cant always help.

Anyways, seems to me that your motherboard has suicided, just hope it hasent taken the CPU or any other components with it(like it did with my Q6600).
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Mine is not quite that. It will start up and sometimes will stay on for awhile (meaning 10+ seconds). But once it turns off again it will not reboot. It will just sit there dead.

It was slowly dieing. About two weeks ago this started. It would sometimes actually last for a couple of hours and then randomly turn off (sometimes it would freeze and then turn off). After a couple of days it just started dieing on me after 10-20 minutes of use. Now it has gotten to the point that it will just die before I can get to my BIOS screen.

A friend of mine thought it might be the processor so I went into BIOS (this was when it would last 10-20 minutes) and checked out the temperator, which was fine at 40 degrees celcius.

So right now I'm hoping it is just the mobo. If not I'll just have to wait a couple of weeks to muster up the cash for a processor as well.

So I was just talking to my dad (he is a tech guy at a Boston hospital) and we tried to do a diagnosis over the phone. We tried to see if it was the memory but we couldn't exactly pin-point the problem.

Basically I started my pc up with 2x sticks of ram. It did the same thing. I took out 1 stick and then I heard a weird beeping sound. About three beeps and then it would turn off after a couple of seconds. Does anyone know what this beeping sound symbolizes?
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Default Re: Computer has trouble starting up.

what you need to find out is which bios you have. does it say phoenix or award or something like that on the bios screen?

look up the post codes for that bios on google. there it will list what the beeps mean.

you can also buy a pci diagnostic card for motherboard that will show you the post code you are getting then you can look that up in the included book and see what might be failing.
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Default Re: Computer has trouble starting up.

on AMI bios i think 3 beeps is a memory read/write error and on Award if it is one long two short is is a video error, i believe. not sure about Phoenix, but i think their codes are a little more complex than 3 single beeps.
need to know if it is "about" 3 beeps, or 3 beeps. long beeps short beeps etc.

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