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Default Computer Eating Mouse Drivers

Okay, I've had a Gateway NV52L06u for about 6 months now, and so far I have gone through three separate wired and wireless USB optical mouses.
My first mouse was a Logitech325 wireless mouse, and the other two are generic wired optical mouses.
In all of their cases, they have suddenly just stopped working, the USB's are getting powered (the wired mouses still light up when connected to the computer), but they just simply aren't working.
They don't work on any other computer either.
As far as I can tell is happening- (I think, I may be wrong) but my computer is killing the driver information on the mouse itself.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

I need to remedy this, because I just downloaded Dishonored, and I hate using a touchpad for gaming.

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Default Re: Computer Eating Mouse Drivers

It almost looks like your getting too high voltage to your USB divice. I dont know if this is the issue but there not working on any other computers then it sounds like the mice got fried.
I found something intersting

I know this sounds bizarre, but:

New Gateway 700XL running XP Home.

Initially using an MS Optical Mouse from my prior system (multi-button vs.
the logitech one that came with the system), via USB connection. Mouse is
perhaps 2 years old. No problems.

Installed a Wacom Intuos 2 6x9 Tablet, configuring the Tablet first, and
then the cordless mouse that comes with it. No problems.

Went to use my original MS Mouse - no response whatsoever.

system restore to prior day
uninstall wacom
attached the logitech USB mouse - picked up with no problem.
Error Message when trying to freshly install the MS Mouse indicated that it
was an unknown device and couldn't install it.
shut down and connected the MS Mouse to the Mouse Port via the USB/Mouseport
Adapter I had used on my previous system: it wasn't detected.

Very bizarre. So I connected the MS Mouse to the system I've been using it
with for the past 2 years, using the same USB/Mouse Port adapter - when
Windows (98) booted up, it said it couldn't find a mouse.

So it looks like the MS Mouse is physically malfunctioning. If that's the
way it goes, that's fine, but the timing would certainly raise the question
of whether or not it's possible for it to have been damaged in the midst of
the Wacom install.

Is this possible? I'm almost afraid to buy/install another mouse to use
with this setup.

I thought it strange that another gatway had this problem if this is the front port on your computer maybe the usb is hooked up wrong onto the main board.

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Default Re: Computer Eating Mouse Drivers

I had a similar problem with a custom setup I had a while back, accidentally had two wires switched around for my front USB connectors on the mobo, kept killing any device I hooked up. However, my results were immediate, this delayed effect is a pain for diagnosing.
- Questions for you:
(1) When the mouse fails to function, can you locate the unit on your Device Manager and tell me if any notifications appear?
(2) Additionally, are you consistent with the port you plug the units in to each time and have you tried any other devices in the ports?
(3) Does the life of each mouse seem consistent, or the period between the time you first plug it in and when you notice it stops functioning?
(4) Do you remember if you were doing any specific task when you noticed the units stopped working or was it something that when you powered up the mouse failed to work?
(5) Does anyone else in your household have access to your computer or use it on a regular basis? While its unlikely, I have had first hand experience with siblings abusing electronics physically (basically beating them like an angry gorilla over a video game).
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