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Default Comp Shutting Off Help Pls

Hey everyone,

I used these forums to put together my comp a while back and have since upgraded parts etc.

I have been having a problem recently that hopefully you guys can help with. My computer will simply shut off for no reason. It has NEVER actually happened while I was using it, it only happens when I am away from it 'idle' which makes it hard to troubleshoot.

Here is my list of what I don't think it is:

- It isn't heat related, I am an OCer but I have switched back to stock settings and have checked my heat with multiple tests and my comp never gets over 40 degrees under load.

- I wouldn't think it would be my PSU because I specifically bought an OCZ GameXStream 700W power supply because I wanted to be sure to have a good quality one.

- I wouldn't think it would be my Ram because I have had this 2gb kit (2x1gb) G.skill kit for over a year now and never had any problems with it (has passed memtest with no probs).

So I have been thinking it might be one of two things.
1) My UPS surge protector is old, perhaps that is failing on me?
2) My outlet might not be providing enough power? My apartment is wired TERRIBLY so that 3/4 of the entire apartment is on 1 breaker. I have a lot of stuff plugged in and usually when I turn on the TV my UPS does a surge beep once.

Anyone have any theories? I am really hoping it isn't just crappy wiring in my apartment because there likely wouldn't be anything I could do about that.

I didn't use to have this issue but I have upgraded parts of my computer over time so now it is a HUGE power hog.

Thanks for any ideas.

EDIT: One other thing to note, I have my power options set to have nothing turn off ever so it isn't something simple like that.

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Default Re: Comp Shutting Off Help Pls

LOL @ not 1 single reply

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Default Re: Comp Shutting Off Help Pls

what is the max load of the outlet, and surge protector, and the breaker on this particular power line/supply?

My computer uses 1.5A-load, .8A-idle, .65A-standby, .05A-turned off on 125V.
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Default Re: Comp Shutting Off Help Pls

When mine did that, it was overheating under load.

It does seem to make sense that it has to do with the wiring in your apartment and the fact that other appliances 'pull' from the same power circuit. However, if you're plugged into a UPS, that shouldn't be an issue, either, so it would make your UPS suspect, IMO.
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Default Re: Comp Shutting Off Help Pls

The fact that you pc runs fine till you upgrade some parts with some "high power consumers", add low, dodgy power in your apartment....yeah, i rekon its your UPS.
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