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Zalyen1000 03-04-2006 08:07 PM

CD rom question
I just bought a DVD rom to go along with my current CD rom. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get my CD rom and DVD rom to run at the same time. I have it all hooked up. They both have power, but one of them dosnt read disks. Any help would be much appreciated. thx :)

gimli of gloin 03-04-2006 08:35 PM

You need to make on master and one slave. on the back side (where the power and ribbon cables go in) there should be like 6 pins with a cap on it. you need to make sure that cap is set to slave or master. someone else can explain better. i vaugly remember it.

turtile 03-04-2006 09:54 PM

If you have EIDE (1 to 2 plugs ribbon cable) the end is the primary and the first one is the slave.

talldude123 03-04-2006 11:52 PM

the labels on the drives will tell you what to do.

FYI - the DVD-ROM reads CD's, so you dont need both, but thats your preference

Zalyen1000 03-05-2006 02:02 AM

sweet, thx guys i got it.

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