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Old 10-17-2006, 01:44 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Originally posted by jolancer
Vid files on his HDD, id assume hes refering to something common such as: Divx,Xvid, or h264, video Rips..... in witch case are already compressed(thats what codecs do). Try it: Try to winRAR a rip vid using High Compression and you will usually either: a) have little or no change, b) actually end up with a Larger file.
Ok, Mr. Know-It-All, well atleast I bothered to give him some options, rather than assuming. Also every little helps. Never actually seen a file get larger when it has been compressed.

Originally posted by jolancer
burning to Optical Disk is a no brainer... if he had those or wonted to do so, id assume he woulda done so already. (some people including myself dont like optical disks, and since he didnt already use them, id assume hes not to fond of that method either).
There you go assuming again. If he hasn't said, you should still tell him the options.

Originally posted by jolancer
Online storage for Large files witch he wonts to remain accessible is impossible, becuase of how long it would take to transfer.
As I said before every little helps moving documents/installers to an online storage can help.

Originally posted by jolancer
however, any Cleaners or Win tweaks wont come close to any significant free space in comparision to what hes lookin for.
O rly?


Cleanup saved 950mb on my dad's PC. I believe that is a significant amount.

And finally I already recommending buying a new hard drive. I didn't think it was nessarcary to repeat what I said and critise my comments.

If he had no spare money to buy a new hard drive and everyone was like you, assuming everything and telling him to buy a hard drive where would he be now?

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you gota assume something, cause you usally never get all the info you need froma forum post.

example: you assumed freeing up 1GB is a significant amount...... witch is probably the most any cleaner program would come to freeing space up.... unless the comp is crapped up with Viruss or spyware or whatever.

in my experience, a Gig can easily be used up ona single download or application.

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pleased to see diplomacy this time +1 forum brownie points

i agree though, a second hdd would be better in the long term as it would reduce fragmentation and probably prolong the life of your current drive by taking some wear and tear off it. you can only compress the drive so much, and it will decrease performance of the drive too.
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Originally posted by jolancer
then buy this:
Wow, it's the first time I see "PATA" on a HDD product description.

"forum brownie points", had a good laugh

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If he hasnt used a programme like ccleaner before then it will free up 100's of mb's! as others said, best/easiest option is a new HDD but if you dont have the cash the above tips are all you can do really!
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So Ascendancy since you got some people in an uproar. I'm curious as to which route you took and how much space you gained? Please post.

"Research is what I'm doing when it looks like I'm not doing anything" :D

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