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Exclamation Brand new X800XL with strange problems....

I just switched from a 6600gt agp to an x800xl. All drivers have been cleaned and all the usual jazz pertaining to a switch like this. The problem is this...

My 6600gt would atleast get 210mb/s on the pitstop 2D test. It only uses 8 pipes at 300mhz in it's regular 2D mode. My new x800xl only gets 140 and it is always clocked at 400 with 16 pipes. I should be getting atleast 200 at a minumum. I have also noticed that the card performs great on 3dmark03 and 05, but on 01 is scoring below what it should be. Also, the card makes a high-pitched squeel on certain renderings. Say for instance, when I am running FEAR, the card squeels in the menu's, but does not when loading the next menu, or loading the game, and it also does NOT squeel as much during gameplay. It also squeels during all of 3dmark01 pretty loud but not nearly as loud in 3dmark03 or 05 during rendering??? The noise can vary in intensity depending on what I'm doing. In normal windows use in only makes the noise when I scroll webpages. The noise basically sounds a CPU that has been OCed too high, or running too hot. My temps are great though. The GPU is 40 idle and 59c max under load, and the ambient never goes over 43c .It does this at stock clocks though, and does not become worse with overclocking. I do not however believe the card to be defective. My thoughts are leaning towards a chipset or motherboard problem. When I first purchased my 6600gt I was using a VIA chipset and had this SAME EXACT behavior only getting 90 mb/s, minus the wierd squeel. The weird thing is, I use an Intel 865PE now which should work fine with NV and ATI both with no problems. I have used NV cards with VIA and had problems, but used ATI with the same chipset and had no problem, now I'm coming from an NV on an Intel chipset which had no problems whatsoever, and how I switch to ATI and there is this weird problem again. And for the record, the 2D problem with the 6600gt cleared up with the VIA->Intel switch. So, after installing newest BIOS and 865 drivers, and no help, what am I supposed to do? Also, does anyone know if this squeel is damaging to the card itself? If need be I will ebay the card and buy a 6800gt which performs about the same.... but it just seems crazy that these cards have so many issues from mobo to mobo, or chipset to chipset, whatever the problem. Any input would be great, I only switched to ATI for something new, plus the performance loss with 4xAA 16xAF is much less in most of the games I play. Either way I am killing my 6600gt, but I would like to put an end to the 2d lack, and the squeel. Thanks guys!!

ATI X800XL 400/980 & 422/1060 on Intel chipset
3dmark05- 5,149 / 5,393
3dmark03- 11,880 / 13,100
3dmark- 20,800 / 21,500 <-this is below normal, I should be getting atleast 26k+

NVIDIA 6600GT 500/1000 on VIA chipset
3dmark05- 3,300
3dmark03- 8,100
3dmark01- 13,500

NVIDIA 6600GT 500/100 & 594/1200 on Intel chipset
3dmark05- 3,430 / 4,173
3dmark03- 8,200 / 10,010
3dmark01- 17,300/ 19,750

Heres the tech...

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Also my system specs are.......

P4 520 @ 3.6Ghz 45c idle/58c load
Geil DDR500 5:4 @ DDR412 2-3-3-5
Radeon X800XL AGP 40c idle/58c load
Creative Live LS

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thats pretty low, im getting 2100 pcpitstop score. there was a guy with the same probably with one of these X*** series card, read the 3dmark score forum hes in there somewhere. are you using catalyst 5.10 and did you download microsoft network frame 1.1
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