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Default boot / keyboard problems

I purchased a few new parts to essentailly build a new computer (out of the very few remaining parts of my old unit) it's as follows:

480w Hiper psu
amd venice 3200+ skt 939
abit av8-3rd eye mobo
1 gb (2x 512) kingston pc3200 400mhz
saphire 256 mb graphics card (I can't quite remember which model was from my old system)

old dell 15" monitor
generic usb keyboard
ps/2 mouse
13gb hd
80gb hd

I guess i'll explain through how it goes from boot and options I can do.

Turn on the computer and it loads up, abit logo screen appears.
Pressing tab will show the post screen
pressing del. gets into the bios (obviously)
the keyboard works fine and without any problems at this point.

once it goes past the post screen where windows should load up an option to select how I want to boot windows (normal, safe etc...) come up. now it wouldn't be a problem except that the keyboard is totally unresponsive. Nothing happens with it, no power even to the caps lock/num lock lights. It can time out to a default (what the selection is set on, normal boot) and load up, except almost right after the time out the computer just reboots itself.

The keboard works fine when I load up the bios and I can navigate and select/change options.

I can try and load up from the a:/ drive to format my HD (cause I had planned to anyway) but the keyboard again is completely unresponsive.

I've tried sawpping around the ram modules, only using one and such, unconnected various drive/unessential components and still end up with this very same problem. I also tried using a ps/2 keyboard with exactly the same results and anohter usb keyboard with same results.

Any kind of suggestions or other informaion would be greatly appreciated. I'm really quite stumped by this problem.

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I'd call abit, cause its definitly a motherboard problem. Only other thing you might be able to do is update the bios, if theres a place to do so in the bios.

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Awesome, thanks I'll try and find a way to update the bios, if not then I'll try and call in on abit.

That (bios update) completely skipped my mind once I didn't get it to really work, it had been my intention to try and update it once I had it running.
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make sure you have USB legacy support turned on.
theres also in some bioses. Enable Legacy support for USB KB/Mouse.

As it sounds like your bios isn't properly emulating PS2 with USB.
Probably just turned off. see if theres anywhere to disable ps2 keyboard/mouse support etc and it should default over to USB.. Just look for anything like this and play around.

you changed your mobo so you definately need to reinstall windows. only one out of 3 times was i able to get away without reinstalling
if legacy support is enabled.. update the bios
If your computer supports your keyboard in the bios section
Just burn the rom

(make sure you name it right when you burn it.. Should say how to in FAQ for the bios on the manufacturer page)

file to cd on another comp and Most newer bioses support holding alt+f2 when the comp boots to start the autoflash stuff.. And 90% of them support flash from cdrom
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Old 11-12-2005, 02:24 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Funnily enough I probably ended up creating all the problems myself. I feel like a bit of an idiot but oh well, we learn. I don't think the usb emulation was on, is now. But i plugged in a ps2 keyboard today and it worked (it wasn't a few days back, maybe it was to do with the old psu I had before posting on here). I then proceeded to have floppy problems, which turned out that I was stupid enough to pull out the power from that (I assume).

Updated the bios without a hitch today, was more than simple enough.

Currently running installation and then updates and correct drivers.

Thanks for the help.
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