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Question bios error 1283, wrong bios installed... i think.

DISCLAIMER: Spelling and grammar impaired.I think i spelled that right.

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.50GHz, 2497 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
installed memory: 8.00GB (3.24 GB usable) <--dont ask X86 (ddr2)
system type: 32-bit operating System
OS: Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Manufacturer: Gateway <---might be the issue
System Model: FX7026
System Type: X86-based PC
Hardware Abstraction Layer: Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
motherboard: intel corp DG33SXG2
chipset p35/g33/g31
SMBIOS Version 2.4
BIOS: intel corp. DPP3510J.86A.0437 <--- issue...this bios seems to be for the DG33bu but even worst it is for vista/xp
video card: (bfg tech) GeForce gts 250... not that it matters i have it overclocked to
shader: 1836
Usually it maintains a temp of 45 in idle,75-80 in game max setting. but at time of error it was factory set. yes, i know that is a bit on the hot side.
Two weeks ago i could run Skyrim (game, only using it as a base for performance diff) on full detail with a good number of mods. Not any issues, aside from moments of lag from graphics jump/FPS. i moved the computer into a different room. There was no dropping or banging around of unit. On reboot i get the blue screen of death...(this is the actual screen shot i took)

I reboot and first off i get "" the AA number has not been programmed on the system. press the enter key to continue.".

(actual failed picture of error, ignore flash, you get the idea. also ignore the nastyness of the monitor, my computer wasnt working so roomie wanted to swap till it was fixed. i dont even want to think about what is on it.)

After hitting enter it goes through bios.
(these are not my start up or bios but what it should look like, more or less).


Then to:

Then the normal windows7 boot screen.

It then starts loading windows and freezes up. The freeze is quick and followed by a flash of the blue screen of death (says same thing as the previously linked blue screen) then reboots. Rinse and repeat.

I tried as many things as my patients could handle to save that installation of windows, but alas, prompt functions are limited. In fact, i think it was in the "trying to save windows" phase that i caused my issues. I navigated to my c:\cabs file and re-installed what i thought was the proper bios. i have no idea why an improper copy would be there, specially considering it was the only one in there. It installed, but still no boot-up. so, i navigated to my partition and reformatted.

Reformat went without a hitch, windows started up great and i don't notice much performance issue within the actual UI... well that are visually noticeable anyways. But, on first boot the AA error was still there and now i had a different bios load screen.
(not mine, but is exactly like my new bios screen)

Certain things wont load:
-PCI simple communications controller
-Different types of USB devices. I have video of all this but i can not upload them due to a MTP USB Device driver loads, it updates, but will NOT recognize the hardware. prior to issues everything was plug and play.

Games CTD with no error message. not that skyrim is the most stable, but all my games CTD. the duration of time till CTD differs even within the same game same save spot. I know it isn't my video card running out of memory or overheating because i monitor everything in game with with EVGA Precision.

This is my first forum post asking for help... ever. Usually Google is all i need. I let others swallow their pride and look like chromosome collectors while i sit back from the shadows and prosper . I have combed the forums for a solution. this issue is touched upon, hit and miss, but not with all the factors i am dealing with.

My main question is, how do i wipe the bios on there out and load the new. Is there any diagnostic software out there? "easy bios delete and reinstall for those with just enough knowledge to be dangerous" maybe?

i have tried:
-(F2) under new bios and (f9) to factory, then save.
-Clear the CMOS Using the Motherboard Jumper
-Clear the CMOS by Reseating the CMOS Battery (left out for about 5+ hours) i traded a battery with another computer (different make and modle mainboard...but that was way after the fact.
-using a number of registry clear/repair
-tried a driver diagnostic tool and got all the drivers. it read the drivers were not there and even installed them. didn't work though, still reading bad in device manager. that goes for the PCI SCC

I have heard about resetting bios to factory by taking the jumper out and the battery for an amount of time. but i am not sure there is a factory reset to go back to... or how long to do this for.

This is the bios i believe i need Gateway Support - Downloads & Support Documents - Desktop / FX Series / FX7026 (under bios tab) i have downloaded both bios downloads there, but only those two. i am afraid to download any of the other stuff on the other tabs.

when i do install the BIOS_Intel_DPP3510J.15A.0304_A_A i get
(video from me...was only video under 20mb that i could email to myself via android) 2012-01-15_14-26-24_631.mp4 video by intellectualjoke - Photobucket (ignore the puppies in the background, they were eaten shortly after production of this footage)

The interesting thing is when i try an install the BIOS_Intel_DPP3510J.15A.0316_A_A (the other bios version) i get the same thing but the error code is 1301 and not 1283.

i would greatly appreciate any assistance. thank you

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Default Re: bios error 1283, wrong bios installed... i think.

shameless bump?

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Default Re: bios error 1283, wrong bios installed... i think.

Honestly.... I would probably send that back to the manufacture... You shouldn't be having BIOS issues, nor these strange re-writes of your BIOS...

Also, never ever update your BIOS unless needed, I noticed in one picture you listed, it showed a hard drive, normally that means either the drive is bad, or the computer is having issues with it, that is, when it marks it red like that.

The BSOD you presented is normally a memory error, but I think this may be a bit deeper, more like your BIOS has been "updated" with the wrong version, hence the reason you get an error that the AA is not programmed in, even though it most likely is. From what I know, and am seeing, this is what is happening, some how gateways auto-mated update software decided to grab an update, the wrong one, or even some intel management software could have grabbed the wrong update, applied it, and now your having issues. First of all, actually post the error messages instead of giving us links to all these pictures, second, can you just tell us what is happening in the video? Not everyone has unlimited bandwidth and can buffer videos all day to get a simple message.

You will probably be better off calling gateway... BIOS recovery is difficult if possible on factory computers, most aftermarket motherboards we are given a backup bios, or ways to go to an older version easily if needed. OEM, not exactly.

Actually, if your able, download CPU-Z and click the mainboard tab, get us an actual screen shot of that, not a picture.
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