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Default benefits of partitioning

Got the new build up and running, xp installed and SP2. Putting in the 250 drive for data tomorrow. I usually set up a two main folders - current projects and archives. Would there be any performance benefit in breaking up the drive some, and setting up 2 or more partitions, rather than just organizing w/ folders?

Same question for xp and programs... is there a banefit (other than an easy reinstall) of having XP installed on it's own partition, separate from other installed programs?

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Shorter defrag times. If you download/delete a lot, that'll be a big benefit to you.

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well, theres no preformance benefit over folders, so just stick with folders, unless u want to partition

me, i got a 40gb with 2 20gb one for xp, one for 2000, but thats for multiple oses
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One of the benefits of partitioning is safety. I like to put Windows on the smaller partition and then leave the bigger partition for data like videos/music/photos etc.

This way, if (when) Windows crashes and needs to be reinstalled. You can re-format the partition that the OS is on and reinstall with a fresh copy of Windows, but all of your data is safe on the other partition.

This of course does not help you if the drive itself fails since it's all on 1 disk. But great for reinstalling Windows.

If it's a big drive and you have room to spare, I like to start with a fresh install and then image the OS partition and store it's image on the 2nd partition. This way, if you do need to reinstall, you just re-image the PC from the copy you have on the 2nd partition. Saves you from doing going through the entire setup process. Plus you always have your image file close by and your not scrambling around trying to remember where you stored your image file.
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Performance: not so much
Safety: yes

Partitions make life easier.

It is recommended to store files that change often on a different partition than the files that always stay the same (MP3's). This makes defragging easier; you don't have to defrag a partition that often if it never changes much.
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a good option would be to ahve say 100 gigs as your c drive for windows and programs you intall then the 150 gigs are another partition for all your files, such as music and videos and stuff, that way if you have to format and reinstall windows all your files on the 150 gig partition will be saved
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yeah, that's sort of the setup I have. 2 drives - 80 gig for os and progs, and 250 gig for data - i was just wondering if there were benefits of splitting up the 250 gigs into partitions, or just into root folders.

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