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Default Another Lock-up Problem...

Hey guys, first post!

Found this site looking for an answer to my problem...

I'm running an XP2600+ chip on an MSI KM4M mobo (MS-6734). I've got 2Gig of PC3200 memory from PNY (it was the best I could afford at the time!) taking both memory slots, on-board sound, and an nVidia 6600GT powered AGP card. The OS is WinXP Pro with all current updates.

In the tower I've got a DVD and seperate DVDRW, 2 HDD's and I'm running 5 USB 2 ports, and 1 USB 1. Of those ports 2 are taken for the mouse & KB, 1 for my wireless adapter, and 2 further ports have powered devices in them (HDD and printer)

The machine is running
Heres the problems.

First off, the random crashes. Ever since I upgraded from 2x512 2700 memory, the machine will sometimes lock up completely. No response form the KB or mouse, and if the monitor happens to have gone to sleep, it won't come back on, telling me that it's a complete system lock. Further to this problem, occasionaly when the machine is turned on (and quite commonly after one of these lock-ups), I get a BIOS beep indicating bad memory.

I've cleaned and re-seated the memory, used an airduster on the slots, and made sure everything inside the case is as it's supposed to be, well seated with clean contacts. The lockups are completely random, no warning, and there's no one program that causes. I can rule out a software problem because of the BIOS beeps, but I'm buggered if I know why this is happening.

The second thing may shed some light on the matter. Sometimes when using the front USB 2 port, I get the error informing me that I have a high-speed device plugged into a low-speed hub, which I know to be wrong. At first, I thought this was because of the length of cable I'm using on my wireless apadter, but it has also sometimes happened with USB thumb drives.

The only thing I can think of is that my PSU is getting a little creaky. It's one thing that I haven't fiddled with, though the BIOS output for the voltages seem well within limits (less than 0.2v deviance normally). I'm running a Jeantec 350w.

Does anyone have a clue as to why I suffer these problems? It's getting to be quite a hazard, I'm in my final year at Uni studying 3D, and sometimes I need my machine to render for days at a time. One fouled render could cost me a deadline.

Sorry for the long post, but I think it better to be thorough.

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No suggestions? I don't want to be money on another PSU if thats not the problem. Especially because it took me a good days hard work to sleeve my PSU's cables! (that isn't the problem, I did it about 2 years ago, and never had a glitch until the new memory was installed)

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I have an idea, even though you probally have already fixed it since your post was a long time ago...

Put your old memory back in, and see what happens... Even though its brand new, bad ram can lock up a machine. I know I have bought good name memory (Corsair, Mushkin, etc) and had to go through three or four sticks sometimes to get one that works with my particular setup. Thats what I would try....

Also the front USB thing sounds to me like the ports in the front arent USB 2.0 friendly. I bet the USB ports in the back (seated on the motherboard) work just fine...
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Thanks for your reply, Knowledge, but the problem is long sorted.

It seems that my nVidia 6600GT was trying to pull too much power from the PSU 12V rail. In theory, it should have handled it, but I've been advised that the card should have its own 12V rail, and unfortunately, I couldn't do that, so it was on the same rail as one of my HDD's.

I've since gone back to my old GFX card (Radeon 9600NP), and I've had no problems at all! It's all a little immaterial, though, coz I had a bit of a windfall, and the machine is getting a bit of an upgrade now!

Heh, the one thing I did was to make sure I bought a GOOD PSU!
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