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Default 4GB Limit....

It seems like the RAM limit for 32-bit versions of XP is 3GB. Just put two extra 1gb stcks in for a total of 4gb, bios finds 4gb, but windows of course only finds 3. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas besides wait for vista to hopefully have support for over 4gb.

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You could buy Windows XP 64-bit, but there's really no point. Costs way too much.

Right now, Microsoft is giving away Vista for free until it's released. You can use it free of charge, and yes, it's 64-bit.

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Default Vista

Hows driver support, the entire reason for getting 4gb is to play gothic 3 which for some unknown reason won't smoothly at all. Sometimes it runs pretty well but loading is very laggy. 2gb and I still had problems. If theres no game support then there would be no point in going to vista.
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Is Gothic 3 any good?? I didn't know they released it yet!!
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hes right win xp 64 supports upto 16gb i believe or maybe just 8...i cant remember...but yes its too expensive and sometimes depending on programs and hardware its hard to find drivers...i dont think ram is an issue if u have 3 well 4 gigs of ram in there for the game....what vid card you have? whats full specs of your machine....i have xp 32 with 3 gigs and 8800gtx every game works flawlessly...havent tried gothic 3 but oblivion and what not basically all games that require a lot of power run fine on 3 gigs..even 2 they ran fine...a little slower loading but nothing to big to be worried about

sorry didnt see specs underneith....if its cheap ram check the timings on it..yes its 1gb but since its cheap it might have crap *** timings on it regardless that u have 2,3 or 4 gigs in the system...vid card should be fine....im not big on amd...so im not sure to much about hardware..also the power supply... i know gts is a step down from gtx...but i had a 550 power supply and had to upgrade to a 700w powersupply so the card could run at full load....possible power supply maybe?
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i'm running 3gb on my windows XP 32-bit right now, and honestly i see no difference in performance to 1gb until i finally did a stress test.

I opened Quake 4, Oblivion, Guild wars, Rome: total war, aim, 500mb worth of instances of firefox, and started playing music on winamp and itunes.

I played each game......any guess what happened? I was using 2.6gb of Paging files. i have a 7800GT and a AMD 4400+ X2 for the BTW....and no OCing.

i played oblivion, lowered the setting from ultra high to high and got no lag.
I played quake 4, and lowered the settings to medium, no lag.
I played guild wars, lagged until i got it to medium low settings.
Rome: total war i played at full graphics.

My CPU was at 100% constantly, and the 3gb did its job.....just dont ask how i didnt get any lag....i'm trying to figure that out myself.

EDIT: my point is that 4gb is overkill for any XP, but if i was running vista it might have slowed down a little, either way if your computer is lagging at 2gb in a game, something is wrong. Try reinstalling or something.

EDIT2: just for the **** of it i tried it with 1gb, i had to restart my computer in less than 2 minutes....

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