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Default 3 minute boot time w/ SSD? Why so slow?


I've been at this for hours upon hours. I cannot figure out why my newly built computer takes 3 mins to get to login screen....not even desktop. I just built this PC a few days ago. My build is:
16GB of PC1600 DDR3
i5 2500k 3.3Ghz
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 SATA 6.0GB/s USB3.0 mobo
Corsair Force Series 3 90GB SSD SATA III,
Intel HD graphics (for now now ext. graphics card),
850TX Corsair PSU
ASUS dvd-rom SATA
win 7 64bit

SSD is plugged into the intel chipset controlled SATA 3 6.0GB/s slot (not the marvel controlled port cuz I read everywhere it's not as fast, although it was in there at first. I've moved it.)
ASUS into a normal SATA 2 port
Done all the good recommended OS tweaks like no disk defragmenting
downloaded all the drivers I've thought to download, and installed all the mobo drivers from the disc.
Updated all 90+ windows updates
updated the AHCI controller by downloading the newest intel controller (the standard controller didn't go faster)
TRIM is active
BIOS are in AHCI as recommended
used corsair to update my firmware v1.3.3 to you guessed it...v1.3.3. Didn't work before, didn't work after.

There is no reason this build should take 3mins to startup. I tried almost everything I've read so far. I downloaded the crystaldisk program and it said my best read speed (first test) was 189MB/s. That's the fastest of them all. I think the random read was 9MB/s.

Nothing I've read has worked. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm getting even more frustrated watching people startup their PC to desktop in 18sec on youtube right now.

please help! maybe I just need to send this thing back via newegg and get a new one? I just installed it and built the pc a few days ago

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Default Re: 3 minute boot time w/ SSD? Why so slow?

Please wait 24 hours to bump a thread. Not everyone knows the solution, and none of us are on 24/7.

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Default Re: 3 minute boot time w/ SSD? Why so slow?

Eh, it was really to get an opinion if it'd just be better to send it back than ask everyone to go through the trouble...not to bump.

Anyway, if it helps here is a screenshot of two bench tests. Well, nevermind I don't want to have to load it on photobucket or something. Here are the numbers:

crystaldiskmark: Read (MB/s); sequential = 187, 512k = 173.7, 4k = 9.526, 4k QD32 = 20.76
Write (MB/s); seq = 117, 512k = 117, 4k = 10.9, 4k qd32 = 1.53

ATTO (no settings changed still total length = 256MB, Direct I/O is checked, Overlapped I/O checked, queue depth is 4,
and transfer rate is in MB/s but I'm only listing some of the times in order)
Read (MB/s): 16.0 = 50, 64.0 = 220, 256.0 = 410, 2048.0 = 540, 8192.0 = 550
Write (MB/s): 16.0 = 40, 64.0 = 190, 256.0 = 350, 2048.0 = 450, 8192.0 = 550

These two programs have vastly differently results if I understand them. My computer responds more in line with crystalmark's readings though.
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Default Re: 3 minute boot time w/ SSD? Why so slow?

Download and run the AS SSD Benchmark, here's a link.

AS SSD Benchmark download from Guru3D.com

After the benchmark has finished running go to File (highlighted in red, image below) and select Screenshot. The benchmark will then create and save a sceenshot that you can post. Here's a link on posting a screenshot if you need it.

Screenshot Tutorial

Please don't just type your scores as I'm more interested in the box that tells us about the firmware version, sata controller and disk alignment (highlighted in red, image below), but I do want to see your score also.

You say you did all the good OS tweaks, that tells me nothing as I have a feeling what I think is good won't match what you think is good.
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