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Old 05-05-2006, 05:07 AM   #61 (permalink)
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Originally posted by the general
first person shooter REQUIRES a mouse/keyboard

thats all i have to say.
I totally agree. I think PC FPS and Console FPS should be their own genres and have they're own names. PC FPS could be called "Pwnage" and Consolse FPS could be called "Noobstick" those would be good names for the genres.

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Originally posted by killians45
Wow, challenging a new console on the market because a lack of games??? What a GREAT argument. Spoken like a true 16 year old. I have said this SO MANY times, what you are seeing so far from the hardware of the 360 is the first crop of games. For the hardware to be realized and its potential finally being utilized takes around 1 1/2 years, and it finally starts becoming antiquated within 3 or 4 years. There is really no comparison as far as the GPU with its use of unified pixel shading, direct L2 cache read/write and instructional manipulation, procedural synthesis, and many others. The tri core is just a small part of the total hardware. To many people in this forum look at just a small picture. They do not realize the way the chip instructions work and the relationship the hardware has between each other, that is where this truely shines. It will take awhile for the full power to be eked out, but as of now... NO there is nothing in the PC market that is as powerful. Does this mean that a PC doesn't look as good? No, not at all. You must understand how different it is to program for the 360. Now, graphic wise the 360 is a beast. There is just no media (via television) to support the higher resolutions of a monitor, as of now. There are some, from what I understand, over seas, but in the US it is considered HDTV light, with very few true HDTV. Try looking at arstechnica for some info on it, very indepth stuff and note of warning, it is also very technical and some may not understand it.


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the thing that everyone needs to consider is when you buy a mainstream gaming PC to compete w/ the 360 you are spending more, however you also have a computer at your disposal. You can do some(noitce i said some) videos editing, music mixing (yes i create my own music and compile it into a CD track) in addition to play games, sooo, its a matter of personal prefference, personally for me, upgrading PC's are appart of my hobby and i utilize the computer for everything to renting movies to paying taxes(my parents actually) to making my own 16:9 DVD

so if you have no mp3 player, and you don't want a media machine, all you want to do is play games and watch movies the 360 would be better for you....
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Originally posted by Captain Buck
umm have u ever played any of the big rpgs like "WOW" how much does that cost per moth or what not??? not all internet pc games are free and also judging by how many people have "gaming" pcs compared to people who have consoles forget about it u know it i know it everyone knows it MANY more people have consoles thats a fact u can **** around that fact with ur hardware specs buts its already been said the 360 will last 3-4 years ur "gaming" pc WILL NOT i think the topic is over it is definately in the long run better to buy a 360 for the sole purpose of gaming
im quoting myself and i agree with the post above for the sole purpose of gaming only the console is a better idea
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most gamers today perfer action games...
most action games today use guns..........
most games that use guns are First Person Shooters

So...... the computer is for people who like FPS

And teh 360 is for people who have grown used to teh controller and would rather save a couple extra bucks.

And computers are just all around BETTER (besides the price)

+ most gamers that use computers, absolutly Love the keyboard and mouse... its so much more easier and less frustrating to play a game on the computer vs. a console...when ever that guy sneaks behind u, it wont take u hours to turn around and aim on him.. let alone get a headshot!!!

Now dont get me wrong... THE 360 IS AWESOME...

but 4 fps....dont even look at em
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Old 05-10-2006, 11:40 AM   #66 (permalink)
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Who watched Microsoft's e3 press release?

I will quote what was said "i can use the control that I am most comfortable with, if I want to use a keyboard and mosue, if I like the controller, awesome."

This was the part where they talked about the intergration of Xbox 360 connecting to mobile phones and Vista PC's, I assume it does a remote desktop of the 360.

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they had a side by side pick of oblivion on 360, and pc. the pc was no doubt looking better.

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