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Timaphillips 05-03-2006 06:23 PM

XBOX 360 vs. Computer
So can somebody enlighten me on what the differences are speed and quality wise between a 360 and it's compapable computer? My best guess is that a PC can get higher quality with enabling high AA and AF and HD in some games, but at a premium price. ????

yoshiemaster 05-03-2006 06:28 PM

360 is good right now, but in 1 year TOPS, it'll look like what regular xbox looks like now...... didn't get too technical did i?

Frank Jaeger 05-03-2006 06:34 PM

360 looks better than your average computer but a high end computer looks better than a 360. Even a midrange PC looks about the same as the 360 though. Look at this if you don't belive me.

Green Radience 05-03-2006 06:35 PM

Oh Good God, not this again. There have been huge flame wars on the subject.

I hope I can answer it and the nothing more will have to be said;

If you have a high-end computer, I'm talking a 7900GT or higher videocard, then you're better off.

If you have anything lower than a 7900GT videocard, then the Xbox 360 might be something you want to consider.

You can build a $1500 gaming PC and use a keyboard, or you can buy a $360 Console and use a controller. Because the fact is; the X360 will provide the same graphics as the 7900GT. You can plug the Xbox 360 into your PC LCD monitor, so please, no one say anything about the HDTV crap.

EDIT: Yea, the pics Frank Jaeger posted are the ones I used for my analysis also. Personally, even with the mid-end computer graphics, I'd pick the X360 over it.

Also consider that you don't have to deal with extremely low FPS like you do in a PC.

The General 05-03-2006 06:36 PM

cool link frank faeger :-)

and the xbox360 has a vga out?

what resolutions could i use if i had one?

ManBearPig 05-03-2006 06:53 PM

i mean if your going to pay $400 for a console i would just save your money and go pc.. i mean if you custom build your pc it could last you up to 3 years...

i see no reason why to get an X360

Lord AnthraX 05-03-2006 07:10 PM

No PC no matter how exspensive it is or how good will last for 3 years and still be medium to high end...just dosent work like that...

I see plenty of reasons to get a Xbox 360

1. Some poeple arent as computer smart and just want to play games

2. Its cheap for what it provides, almost a media center....

3. Its easy to use...

4. Its faster then any 400 dollar gaming computer

SomeIranianKid 05-03-2006 07:25 PM

and with a 360 you don't have to upgrade you can play any 360 game without haveing to go out and buy a new graphics card

Lord AnthraX 05-03-2006 07:33 PM


Timaphillips 05-03-2006 07:41 PM

My main gripe is FPS. I hate playing F.E.A.R. at such a low setting and still have it frame jump for example. I'm just gonna suck it up and invest in a new graphics card somewhere around when conroe comes out, unless I should wait for the next series of GPU's. Plus, you can just buy a XBOX 360 controller for PC.

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