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Old 01-12-2006, 05:46 PM   #11 (permalink)
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That's a good idea. Only prob is that I don't want to upgrade other components right now cause all the current technology has reached it's maximun pootential and is being phased out. The new technology is out, but it is still first gen with advancments already happening.

- not all computers are fully 64 bit compatible yet
- processor manufacturs are still trying to figure out what's the next step
- SATA has just come out and already SATA II is out but with not alot of support yet
- PCI-E2 is out and they haven't even made full use of the AGP bandwidth let alone PCI-E1
- AMD doesn't even support DDR2 yet while is has already been said that it has reached its full potential. DDR3 should come out and AMD hasn't even made the step to 2

I don't wanna put money into something that will become outdated in a couple years. Yes, my computer is older, but it has been around for 4 years and still exceeds all minimum requirements by far. In a couple years when my computer finally can't meet the minimum requirements all the new technology should finally have slowed in development. That's when all of you are gonna replace your current systems because it'll be first gen technology so I'd rather wait and make the most of whatI have until then. That way I buy one computer in two years rather than one now and another later.

No reason to type all that, just wanted to. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

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you are dead on brother.

AMD will support DDR2 or possibly DDR3 with the new M2 socket, should be available this year sometime, along with the new 64 bit windows, along with Direct X10, and everything else you've mentioned, plus I believe even hard drives the next year or two will be faster with more cache and load everything much much faster, I'd wait 6 to 12 months and build a whole new rig, until then put up with low settings if you have to.

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Its never a good time to build a PC man, don't wait.

SM3.0 isn't the end-all. Cards with SM3.0 perform better, but the image quality difference isn't very noticeable. SM3.0 cards (Nvidia GeForce 6) had increased performance compared to SM2.0 cards (Radeon X800). Sm3.0 let the 6800Ultra perform on par with the X850XT, which theoretically should've smoked the 6800Ultra.

But you DO want to have SM3.0. The 7800GT is an excellent deal, and for only $20 more than this X850XT (mail-in rebate), its a better deal.
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The next generation of cards will actually feature Shader Model 4.0. I don't understand why so many people still consider X800 series video cards. They try to compare them to things like the 7800GT, and I hate to break it but X800 is old news now....the same as the 9800 Pro.

The only reason the 6800 series still gets so much respect is that it DOES include Shader Model 3.0 which lets it play current games with the same image quality as the 7800 series.

When the X800 series first came out, all the reviews raved about how well it played the games at the time, but were very worried about the cards' future due to the fact that all the X800 series really is is overclocked 9800XTs with additional pipes added. Its exactly the same old archetecture, while the 6800 series included an entire new featureset.
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Originally posted by Alex81388
TomsHardware.com should have some good benchmarks for you.

Guys, FYI, Shader Model 3 support does not speed anything up if the game does not use shader model 3. Also, with shader model 4 coming out so soon after shader model 3, sm3 never really had a chance to kick off, so having support for it does not really change anything, and this isn't even pointing out that both the geforce 6 series and the geforce 7 series fail the whql shader model 3 tests.
so, umm, err yeah
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"Guys, FYI, Shader Model 3 support does not speed anything up if the game does not use shader model 3."

not true. cards with SM3.0 can also do the more common Pixel Shader 2.0 (and lower versions) much faster, hence they provide even better performance in recent games.
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the 7800's also have transparency AA, which increases image quality.
ATI has super AA on the X1800's, but it doesn't look as good as Transparency AA, and is only available using crossfire.

and yeah, Unreal3 will need a shader model 3 card to get good performance
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I got my X850 XT right around when it came out, before the 7800 or X1800 hit the shelves. I would love it except for the fact it lacks PSM 3.0. beedubya was in the same boat i was in for awhile as well - having quite powerful card, but one that cant play certain games (unpatched, that is) in all of their graphical glory. Definitly go for a 7800 GT


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