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Petryshen 12-09-2005 06:13 PM

X800 pro Vs X850
Christmas is coming and i plan on buying either one of these cards and I'm kinda stuck on which is the better of the two? I can get either of the two for the same price but im just wondering if this is the best AGP cards there are

beedubaya 12-09-2005 06:20 PM

Dont get either. The X800 Pro flat out sucks donkey d***, i know, I used to have that card. It gave me so many headaches, and it never played a game correctly because of driver problems. The X850 Pro is only a bit better because it can be flashed to X850XT. But really, you would be way better off going with a 6800GS. It wipes the floor with the X800 Pro and beats the X850 Pro as well.

Please, don't make the same mistake I did.

PoisonPorkchop 12-09-2005 06:25 PM

Please PLEASE don't get either. Get a 6800 GS.

If you get either of those you will be on here asking for help constantly. Not that there is anything wrong with asking for help but we already went through this with beedubya.

Flanker 12-09-2005 07:19 PM

Re: X800 pro Vs X850

Originally posted by Petryshen
Im just wondering if this is the best AGP cards there are.
Do you guys ever even read what they're talking about or just start yapping as soon as you see X800?

Yea, the X850 is the best AGP card out there, however it is very overpriced. It is $360 I believe? For that much money you could get a new PCI-E x16 motherboard AND a GeForce 7800GT (which wipes the floor with all GeForce 6 cards, as well as anything ATi makes below the X1800XT.

A 6800GS won't beat a X850XT btw.

Powerslave 12-09-2005 07:22 PM

Thanks flanker, you made me save my fingers from typing.

Tyler1989 12-09-2005 07:56 PM

Both are not worth more than 10 USD do not get them.

Flanker 12-09-2005 09:04 PM


Originally posted by Tyler1989
Both are not worth more than 10 USD do not get them.
Wow dude. You've proved over and over again that you know next to nothing about hardware. You don't read other people comments or opinions. You just read the first post and make up some stupid answer, grow up.

beedubaya 12-09-2005 09:49 PM

Re: Re: X800 pro Vs X850

Originally posted by Flanker

A 6800GS won't beat a X850XT btw.

He listed X850 Pro, not X850XT, and the Pro is not guaranteed to flash to XT, although there is a decent chance it will.

003 12-09-2005 10:10 PM

The X800GTO2 made by sapphire is guaranteed to flash to an X850XTPE. IDK if they come in AGP.

Riceball 12-09-2005 11:15 PM

Well if you want to waste a bunch of money, then you can go ahead and get the X850, but you will regret it. Just as flanker said, you can buy a PCI-E mobo and a 7800GT, which is one of the best cards out there, for about the same as it costs for an X850. You do the math.

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