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Question X1950XTX, opinions? Perhaps some info..


OK FIRST OFF I want to make a note, by "Opinions" I don't mean opinions OVER the card itself because there are barley any samples of it out yet, I mean more like, price, date, effect on market...

So, into the topic [Although I kinda said it all in that 'note']

Do any of you people know when will that card hit the stores? The samples should have been out in the 7'th of august, and in the 14'th [yesterday] the Crossfire edition should have been out for benchmarks on sites like Anandtech, but I didn't see any of those yet...[dunno if its because they didnt get the samples or just taking their time on writing the reviews]

Also, does anyone has an idea of the price?! I didnt see any site talking about the site, not even dailytech which is ODD! I Assume somewhere near the 7950GX2 price? Perhaps abit cheaper even? 550's... thats my guess...

And last and most important, do you think it will effect the other cards prices? like the X1000XT/X Series? [In detail the 1900 and 1800] or maybe even the 7950GX2's prices? just wondering what you all think..


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Well first off, the card already effected the X1X00 series. I bought my X1900XT in june and now a X1900XTX is the same price. X1900XT are as little as $300. Now for the X1950's price, i heard when it was first anounced it was supposed to be around 400 euros. And there was just an update on dailytech sayin the card was pushed back till September 14th.

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ic ic...

Thanks for the info.

I will wait untill the price drops in Israel too. its still 540$ here... -_-

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Yoad whats your current System ?
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Somebody told me ATI cards do better than Nvidia cards at high resolutions because of the way they handle shaders. How well will the X1950XT handle games like UT2007 and Crysis at 1280x1024? How well will it handle Oblivion?
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bam enjoy
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hrmm... i don't see anything on the vr report one... its just a lil black box and nothing more... if someone could maybe upload some of the charts so i can see em.. because i wanna see them badly!
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The only difference between X1950XTX and X1900XTX is the memory speed. X1950XTX has GDDR4 memory that run at 2GHz compared to 1550MHz for X1900XTX.
look here at the end of the page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R580
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About that, There are also pretty big diffrences in the PCB of the card, I saw a couple of pictures on VT forums that is showing that.

and I heard the card is going to come at retail price of 399$ [NOT for 1000 units unlike the retail prices that dailytech wrote on the conroes, which were for 1000 units]


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