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Cool "Windows 9666..."

Originally posted by tommyboy123x
i think that is a little harsh... why should a company "die" just because it is on the top. That is like microsoft. I dont understand why people don't like them or their products, only windows.... it seems to be the "cool thing" so then all of the people who dont know what they are talking about just repeat what they heard and say "microsoft sucks".
I wouldn't want intel to DIE, (especially since they are so closely tied with Apple now) But i do think microsoft should DIE by the sword. Any company that makes such irresponsaible operating systems and unstable word processors (Mostly in Macintosh) They should just get the he1l out of the market and stay out.

I can't believe such CRaP got soo dam popular. I can't even use the harware i wan't to use in linux because Windows was soo popular!!

FOR THE LIFE OF ME i don't want to use such a crappy\ugly\unstable\misfeit operating system!


Originally posted by bonehelm

I just found out I\'ve been using direct X 8.1 since its out.
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Are Intel and Windows tied together somehow, so popular and yet there is something out there that is so much better for a cheaper price.
on the buissness side does windows and intel have any relations?

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MAN this is interesting. Thought I'd try to input some stuff without being flamed to death, and staying slightly on topic.

1 Reason why Intel is a bigger company than AMD? Because of my boss. I work for a company (I better not say the name) that employs 400,000 people, all over the world. And EVERY SINGLE one of them has a Dell Optiplex GX260 (or something like that, can't remember), a UG machine (by Dell), a Dell Latitude, or ...shoot, can't remember the last one, but it's a Dell. Dell supplies technical support, on site and off site, to all of our computers. I work in the IT dept, and if we built our own computers, we'd be in the hole 100 miles down. We can't manage 400,000 computers that go down all the time! If we have a problem with a motherboard or a vid card or whatever, we do 2 things. Put it in a box, and send it to Dell. They reply with a new box, and a new part inside. It's not that all of our guys in the IT dept don't LOVE AMD's and Linux and yadda yadda yadda, there's just no "Dell-like" company out there, yet.

Hmm...yet...makes you think, huh?

So that's one of the many many reasons why Intel is bigger than AMD. It's like a waterfall effect.
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about "giants" like intel and microsoft.... everyone knows about Linux especially, even my grandma (she tells me that the inventor is german just like "our family"....). Linux is not really "better" than windows, it is a huge difference. If you understand PC's, which i am sure all of us do, then some users can benifit from Linux, but it can also backfire because nothing is made for linux besides web server software and office software.

AMD, however, is more "disquised" than linux because it is a processor. People do not see a processor every day when you have an AMD. I used amd for 10 years without even knowing it. If you use Intel, you see the sign, and you rekognize it. Another parallel is that if you use Linux, you WILL see a change in how your computer works, looks, etc. Therefore, people will rekognize that their "screen is different" and see it is not windows, possible ask some people, and find out it is linux.
Finally, un[tech]educated people would look and see that a processor is "better" because it is faster. These types of people are the kind that when asked what kind of computer they have, they say they have an "xp" or "linux."

basically what i am getting at is people remember what they see every day. If it effects their daily lives, that person will remember it very well.

chevytrucknut... i like the way you think :nerd:

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Umm maybe i was a bit harsh but anyway. If intel did make good processors then they would rule the world . But I think that all the smaller companies i.e. AMD should be given a good shot at it and so far they have done well. Everyone hates microsoft because they've just eaten up all the smaller sometimes better companies. For instance when they took over Rare (a games company that made great games) they made terrible games. It's like a rebelion LOL. I would my self go for what evers best but i would still wanna support someone like AMD.
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but i think this is all biased because at the moment intel doesn't make good high quality cheap
not only that but sometimes their high-end "high-quality" cpus fail to outperform far cheaper competitors from AMD. look at the Pentium D EE that is something like $1600 au i think
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I totally agree about the no-good-chip-from-Intel part. Only reason I even went AMD was because of the better performance. If the Conroe had been out back then, I would've had no reason to go with AMD.
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Like I've said before, I have actually seen one AMD commercial on television. It was either on NBC or ABC. It had to do with some event they were sponsoring, but it was a full advertisement for AMD processors.
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When did intel get better sales? Since when AMD always had the upper hand.

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